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SOLD: Jake Hoback Mk Ultra 6061-T6


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Feb 12, 2012
This is a fantastic example of an MK Ultra, a first run AEBL version with Type III anodized 6061T6 scales. The action is incredible for such a small knife, the blade nearly drops shut with little effort (if the blade was bigger/heavier it probably would). There is no blade play or centering issues at all. I had a Ti version and it simply didn't have the refined elegance of this particular knife, not to mention it was thicker and didn't have the ramp milled into the tang so closing it wasn't nearly as effortless as this one. I commissioned Jake to hook me up with a custom milled clip (I think it is Ti) and along the way acquired one of his custom bronze pivots which I didn't install (see bottom photo). This knife is in great condition and ships with all items shown (I forgot about the custom pivot tri tool until I shot the group shot but it is new in the package and included). I'm asking SOLD shipped for this knife via Paypal, no trades please I'm needing funds only. My email is the same as my username @ gmail.com and I will answer any questions or send additional pics upon request (or an action video).

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