SOLD: Leatherman XL Molle Sheath in Brown


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Jan 5, 2003
I have a like new Leatherman XL Molle sheath in brown. It is compatible with the MUT and other large tools (Super Tool, Surge, etc.). My MUT was shipped in the sheath, it has seen no other use. I prefer to carry my MUT in a black sheath, which I already have.

I'm asking $10.00>SOLD, shipped in the U.S., payment via PayPal G&S. After fees and shipping, I would get almost nothing but I don't want to keep this if I'm never going to use it and I'd like to get it to someone who will actually use it. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.
Leatherman XL-01.jpg
Leatherman XL-02.jpg
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