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Spyderco SOLD Manix 2 - DLT Limited Edition 20CV


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Sep 21, 2018
Asking $SOLD for this awesome DLT Trading Limited Edition Manix 2 with CPM 20CV steel and red G-10 scales. The action is perfect, effortlessly falls shut, centering spot on, yada, yada, yada. I carried it a few times until the Manix 2 in M4 (see below) pushed it out of my pocket. Cut paper a few times to check out the edge (sharp!), but that's it. The only slight imperfection, which I discovered during photo session just now, is a small discoloration on the non-clip side of the blade (see photo album).


And now for my typically verbose sales thread backstory (skip if you want and just post "I'll take it"): Didn't really think I was going to ever part with this one, but then I recently got a Manix 2 in M4 with jade scales that edges this one ever so slightly. I actually had self-justified keeping both of the Manix 2s, but then I found out today that the long-awaited Spyderco Smock has finally been shipped to dealers, and I need to make tough choices. Probably going to have to catch-and-release a few more knives that I bought this week, as well, since I think I may make another run at the Slysz Bowie. https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/slysz-bowie.1643348/ Curse you, Nick Shabazz! heh-heh....
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