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Sold - para 3

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Feb 22, 2018
Spyderco Para3 Cruwear Gray G10- 2nd owner on this, purchased off the forums. Carried a few times. There is a small scratch on the clip side of blade I tried to picture, very small. Centered, fall shut action.

$160 shipped paypal G&S.

IMG_20190131_194930.jpg IMG_20190131_194947.jpg IMG_20190131_195002.jpg

Please PM with questions etc.
First "I'll take it " posted here will generally have first dibs if PM and payment is reasonably prompt but I reserve the right to sell to whoever.

Thanks for looking!
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Yes sir, factory edge. Its cut some packages/tape, had to open a few barbies for my daughter ol but never been sharpened etc. I ran it across my strop, that's about it.