SOLD--Price Drop--Spyderco Caribbean PE leaf blade C217GP

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Jan 31, 2006

Admired and fondled, but otherwise unused, I am going to put my Caribbean PE leaf shape blade up for sale. Hopefully no regrets here.

This is the pre-CQI version with uncoated hardware, stop pin, and stand offs. ATM, these are very hard to find even with the coated hardware, but the uncoated hardware version is even more difficult to find. The only issue is the blade is just a hair off center to the clip side (see pic). That is how it came to me and I am the original owner. Everything else is dang near perfect. Comes with its box even though I did not take a pic of it.

Yours for $205 $195 PP G&S shipped domestically. No trades.

I reserve the right to sell this to whomever I please. If you are a flipper or are just here to sell knives, have acted like a douchebag here on BFC, have disparaged Spyderco, or are on my ignore list for any reason, you will not be able to purchase this knife.

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