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Spyderco SOLD Slysz Bowie


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Sep 21, 2018
This superb Slysz Bowie is customized with an "apocalyptic" dark acid stonewash blade finish and an aftermarket Cuscadi orange G-10 backspacer. The original backspacer is also included.
Asking $SOLD, PayPal G&S - shipped TYD

The knife is in excellent overall condition. It has an incredibly smooth and silky action, as well as the most satisfying lock-up sound I've ever heard on any folding knife. (Kind of a weird detail, but true.) Fit and finish are spot on....no blade play, perfectly centered, and a complete lack of lock stick. The knife was sent to Spyderco this past October for factory resharpening and documentation is included. Note that this knife does not come with the original box or papers, and it will be sent in another Spyderco box.

I just received this knife today (1/19/19) after buying it this week here at BF from 10after10, a trusted seller with impeccable feedback. Although it's a beauty, it's going to be a catch-and-release for me. This is my second go-around with the Slysz Bowie, and although there's a whole lot to love here, I guess it's just not for me. Note to self: "Stick to self-imposed $250 max limit and quit hemorrhaging $$ on catch-and-releases, just in order to very briefly experience some awesome knives".

Since my photographic skills are dubious at best, the original BF seller, 10after10, has graciously granted me permission to use his excellent photos, which are linked below:

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So you playing favorites? I know who I won’t be doing business with

1. Your post on this thread said something to effect of "message me to work something out". Your post did not state "I'll take it" or anything close to that. Since you subsequently deleted your post, I may not be quoting exactly, but that was the gist of it.
2. I attempted to message you, right after you posted on this thread, but you are not set up to receive messages.
3. The buyer came in right after that with a firm "I'll take it". I'm pretty new here, but I think that's how you secure a sale on this forum.
4. Your profile states that you've been a member of this forum since May 2016, with no feedback whatsoever. Are you doing business with ANYBODY?