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Sold thanks BF

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Jan 20, 2016
Today only price 350!!!

Today I have for sale a Grayman Satu.I just bought this last week off Instagram bc I love the color of it.The action on this is amazing.Its definitely the smoothest knife I've had on washers and I would say top three of all that I've owned-that includes several customs on bearings.The knife was anodized by fanatic edge on Instagram and the blade,handles,and hardware were cerakoted black.The anodization is a turquoise color.I love the knife I just wished it was a Grayman dua.The satu is just a little too big for me.I cant get flickr to work for me so just PM me and I'll send over pics via email or text.Im selling it for 450 which is what I have in it.Thanks,Brent
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