Sold- Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro

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Mar 21, 2013
USA Only
Price includes paypal fees and shipping this beast
Keep any trade offers out of thread

I have been downsizing my knife stuff and getting more into my firearms. I bought this very lightly used a year and a half ago and sharpened maybe 5 or 6 knives. Comes with a ton of extras and is an absolutely awesome system. It would cost at least $1100 or $1200 to get this setup new with all the extras. I am asking $775 *SOLD*. Trade interests listed below

Here's what I have and will be included:

- Wicked Edge Pro Gen 3, full package with carry case (which is super nice)
- Thick blade clamp and standard blade clamp
- 50/80 Grit stone upgrade
- 1/0.5 Micron Diamond and Balsa Strops Pack
- 5/3.5 Micron Diamond and Leather Strops Pack
- 1500 grit diamond and Glass plate Stones
- 1200/1600 grit Ceramic Stones
- Extended length guide rods for larger blades
- 2 large packs of polishing tape

The balsa and leather strops have nicks and cuts in them from previous owner but they still work.

Trade interests- cash can go either way. I am picky when it comes stuff but dont be afraid to offer up stuff. Worst I can do is say no thanks. Any gun would have to go FFL to FFL. My local FFLs only accept from other FFLs

9mm carbines, rifles or braced pistols. Im currently trying to find a PSA AK-V or a CZ Scorpion.
Red Dots and ACOGs
9mm Ammo
9mm glock mags
HK VP9 mags
AR mags and accessories
AR Uppers pistol or rifle
Colorful Kershaw Launches
Colorful Microtech LUDT no serrations, bronze blade a plus
Protech Whiskers no serrations
Benchmade Mediator auto no serrations

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Feedback: 116 / 0 / 0
Mar 21, 2013
Added some more trade interests, definitely would be open to a knife or cheaper items and cash.