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Some Comments RE:Dozier Pro Guide


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Feb 25, 1999
Just got this a little while ago. I was afraid to sharpen the edge, because it was so sharp I thought I couldn't make it any sharper. Boy was I wrong! It went from "scary sharp" to "look at your arm and it goes bald sharp." I'm really happy with this knife. The more I use it, the more I appreciate the comfortable handle and the convenient sheath. For the money, it's a steal. Buy one before Mr. Dozier starts charging what they're worth.
I agree. Have three of his knives, and they are all excellent. I'm surprised he hasn't raise the price yet, but hopefully not

I got a Dozier pro guide knife two weeks ago and love it.
i'm still waiting to sharpen it i've been using it around the house and yard and its still shaving sharp.
this will not be the last Dozier i buy.
great knife.