some companies not talked about much.

Oct 11, 2000
looking for some opinions and info please

just wondering about muela knives and knives of alaska. are they decent knives with good quality control? i have seen some models they sell and like some of their styles but have not seen much talk about them in the forums. also bokers solengen (hope thats spelled right heheh) stainless steel, is this a good quality steel i like some of the boker knives but dont want the expense of or complications of ceramic blades. any info greatly appreciated
I think Boker's stainless steel is usually 420J2 (aka "age-hardened cheese"). Some of the pricier knives might be 440C, but I'm not sure.
Indeed Burke, 420 and 440C on the "quality" knives.
For some of the models (top- and speedlocks for example) you can replace the 420 blade by 440C or even damascus blades.
Re: Knives of Alaska

I picked up one some of their knives a while back and found the quality to be lacking in their pricepoints for the non-D2 models.

The Camp Knife I had, had uneven grinds or stampings (what ever they used). For the pricepoint, a better steel could have been used. Finally, the full tang knife had poorly fitting scales, leaving the tang to rub your hands since it was not covered by the ill fitting scales used for the handle.

The D2 stuff showed more attention to detail. The large cleaver was a real nice piece of work but, suffered from poorly fitted scales on the grip like the camp knife. The little "cub bear" caper was a nice little knife though and made a good compliament to the large cleaver.

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Guess we know why these companies aren't talked about much..."If you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all."