Some Gec knives sold


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May 16, 2009
I have a few to let go. Some catch and release knives I’m just not bonding with enough to carry. PayPal goods and services only. As new in tubes. Prices are shipped. Any questions please pm…post “I will take it” if committed to purchase.

TC 15 orange Osage $sold (I like my clip point kabar better:))
33 conductor jigged bone $sold (I like my stag better)
Pair of 38 bloodwoods withdrawn (I had three kept these two…just not gonna get into carving like I thought I might)
Thanks bladeforums

2462522B-D4BF-4C1D-89E9-E496FE6762BB.jpeg 62E7BF32-334E-413B-996D-01A269BA9886.jpeg 276BB58D-A41E-42D9-B0D3-B27C0A04F6F8.jpeg 11510A48-B768-49F4-8389-389607456830.jpeg 246AD72B-D17C-444F-9682-736BC20F71AB.jpeg 80423473-70D8-41D0-9521-307ED87CD744.jpeg FE25284E-61BF-4308-9ED7-E0D017B659F1.jpeg FA2C82A1-CBCB-44B1-9BAA-8FF31779216C.jpeg
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