sony mav 91

Jan 27, 1999
i know this is a little off subject...but some of you might be interested...just got a digital camera last week...the above mentioned is killer for taking pics and sending them on the net...uploading your site...whatever...more info and cheapest prices at theres a pic i took under darrels forum..look for 420v post from me...the thing is totally killer....(can you tell i like it?) will keep to knife stuff in the future (maybe)will try to stick pic in here.. dont know if it will work...

geez...this computer stuff sure is tricky...
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Nice, Tom.

Thanks for the pic.

Ron Knight

Yeah I'm crazy, but what do you want me to do about it
well its been a week and i havent cut anything with my new knife yet....what a great disappointment....any ideas?
Tom, I am jealous! I have a Mavica FD-71, great pics with that too and now the prices for the FD-71 are cheap! Mahalo! Fish
funny you should say that cause i bought a 71 first...because of the price....and my friend had a 91 and i wasnt content until i took the first on back (bought it at sams club so no questions asked after using it for a week!) and got the 91...mostly i like it better for the high resolution but the 71 is plenty good for the fact the high resolution is too slow for email.. and the 71 has a great zoom...dont be jealous, be thankful you have such a great toy...