Apr 29, 1999
I´ve recently seen some posts in the forums about Spanish Muela Knives, and an article in the number of July of Tactical Knives (Taskmaster with a Spanish accent).
Those seem to be good heavy-duty knives in a reasonable price tag, but I´m confused about what steel are they made from.
Acording to the article in Tactical Knives it´s 420C, but I think this is a mistake and it refers to 420HC or 440C.
Also, I´ve seen one of Muela´s knives "first hand", and the blade is etched "440" and "molybdenum-vanadium". The problem is that, while all 440 steels have molybdenum, the only one with vanadium that I could find in Spyderco´s steel chart is 440XS.
So, somebody knows what steel is used in those blades?. 420HC?, 440C, 440XS, none of them?.
All replies will be welcomed. Thanks.