Dec 30, 1999
Not to mislead anyone: I was Eduardo's friend (the late Israeli designer that designed the Spydercard) and I will try to be as objective as possible.

After having it for some months now, I can say that it will stay in my wallet for many years to come.

I have flown with it to different countries, and never has anyone bothered to open my wallet to even look at it.

I think it just "hides" behind the credit cards, and being shaped like one, and having the exact same dimensions - make it disappear in the wallet.

As for everyday use: as I stated before – I see it more as a last resort blade then as an every day cutter, so I don't use it all that much, but for the “here and there” cuts - it performs very well.

The AUS6 blade came in shaving sharp and has stayed like that.

At 93 gr. it’s hard to notice it’s even there - mainly if you shlap around 100 other items in your wallet like I do.

Over-all impression – for less then US$ 40, Spyderco has another sure hit.

Now, if only they would, make one in Titanium I would be the first in line (I already bothered Sal on this subject – feel free to nag him some more – maybe he will come to the conclusion it’s a viable option…)

PS: feels very solid in hand and looks like it could take allot of abuse - this is not your tiny Victorinox tweezers holder - this is a real knife.
I'll second that review. My wallet is a JSP CKB-Alpha system, so I don't need or carry the extra blade there, but I did make the Spydercard my "on the table in the den, used for everything" knife for the last couple of weeks, and it is truly impressive. An impressively elegant design on a real working knife.

At a price point to compare with the KISS knife, there's really no competition. The Spydercard RULES!

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