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Dec 19, 2000
I was looking at a SpyderCard tonight and comparing it with it nemesis the SOG AccessCard. how do these knives compare to each other. It looked to me that the SpyderCard was a little nicer, it is thinner and lighter. But I am unfamiliar with SOG.

Thanks for you help.
The SpyderCard carries flatter than the SOG as it has no clip. Even if you use the SOG as a money clip, the way it is set up is awkward. And besides, it's hard to beat a Spydie for value. Just my $.02.

Ender, I have both card knives and here I have made some comparisons between them some time ago.
If you have some questions more I'm glad to answer.
I've used the Spydercard but not the SOG. The good and bad about the Spydercard: overall good construction, of course. Blade hole is well-positioned, big, and round. The very sharp point does come in handy. The downside is, when I started to work the knife a little harder, the handle isn't the most secure. The Spydercard is at the limit of my thickness and weight limits for this type of knife.

I have NOT handled the SOG, but theoretically, here are my predictions. The handle looks a bit more secure than the Spyderco's. The blade does not have a sharp point, a definite negative. The strange-shaped hole won't work as well as Spyderco's round one, I bet. So, up to now, mostly tradeoffs. The clip, which doesn't come off and apparently doesn't work well as a money clip, probably makes this knife beyond my carry tolerance for a knife in this class.

That's all theoretical. I'm still trying to actually handle one at a show.


Thanks Sergiusz. That helps alot.

Their is a new MicroTech knife card coming out, how do you think that is going to compare to these two. All I know about it now is that it has a carbon fibre handle which should make it quite a bit lighter.

- ender
Sure, with CF scales it should be very light. The weight on the medium-sized folder's level is the most noticeable drawback of both SPYDERCO and SOG card knives.
However CF is fairly expensive material, I'm afraid Microtech card-knife could have quite impressive price...