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Spyderco-4 models discontinued and hard to find!

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Oct 28, 2005
United States shipping only. Shipping and Paypal fees included in price. What you see is what you pay!

ATR-all black serrated blade-I believe this was dlc coated if I recall correctly from many years ago. I used this one briefly so there are some marks on the blade as seen in the pics, but really just scuffs nothing deep in the coating. Serrated edge was touched up on Sharpmaker and is very toothy and sharp! Blade is slightly off center. The internal screw that prevents over-travel of the frame is a little buggered from me having to tighten it when I first purchased it. If I hadn't tightened it the frame extended way further than it should have. Comes with box. I don't see these for sale ever so I'll ask $125 on this one.

Matriarch sprint run from about 10 years ago. This is the plain edge and was never carried or used. Opened and closed a handful of times and the action is still tight. The smudges that appear in the pics are just glare from the light, the blade is very clean. Little off center on this one and includes box as well. $100

Stretch in original stainless with rubberized inserts and plain edge. I switched the clip to tip up from factory tip down and carried a few times. Didn't really care for the inserts personally. Blade is clean with factory edge and a little off center. The smudges in pics are from lighting not actual marks on blade. Very smooth action on this one! Comes with box. SOLD to killerloop

Native 3 with plain edge. This is the version with contoured handle and wire clip. Pocketed a few times but never used. Retains factory edge and blade is off center. Comes with box. SOLD to Bladehog

See my other sales thread for a USN Endura sprint run and lefty Military!

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Killerloop, your inbox is full. Please send me a pm for payment info.

Bladehog, I sent you a pm with payment info as you called the Native first.

Stretch and Native are sold.
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