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Spyderco C29 "Cricket".


Gold Member
Oct 2, 1998
This is another of those Spyderco; "Would love to add to my collection, sure looks cool and cute, (especially in carbon fiber or smooth aluminum handles), but what is it good for, (Spderco says "detailed cutting")? Anyone have one, and what do you think?
Hi Gene,

I have one of these in Zytel and serrations. Yup, from what I've used it for is pretty much what I would dub as "detailed cutting". With the blade that small, it is pretty good for small cutting tasks, though the "S" shaped cutting edge does amplify its cutting power. Sometimes mine sees use as a money clip, other times it's called upon as my "detailed cutting" tool. That's pretty much it. The bigger tasks - I whip out my Military

It's definitely the Chihuahua under the Spydercos. I have the non serrated version with carbon fiber handles. The thin blade is SHARP and with its reverse curve and the bill hook tip the ideal opener for small packages and the like. But forget about peeling an apple with it. The design is very appealing to women (that's what we have in common! Just kidding, just kidding! But the knive makes a nice Christmas gift) and the quality 99.9%

In a nutshell: not a bad deal,
This is one of those knives that I've been "meaning to buy" for almost a year now just to see if I could use it. I think a near perfect upgrade of the Cricket would be the Experimental-2, but that 2" blade is just a nub it seems.

I wrote Spyderco with the suggestion that if they made either of these blades just 2.5" long, it would increase their utility and [I think]their sales.

But the Cricket and DragonFly are perfect knives for girls. They think they don't need it until they put it in their purse. Next thing you know they're using it for everything!
Sounds interesting. I must have some "girl" in me, (I KNOW I am in some girl
), because I think it's neat AND cute. I love Ralf's description of it as "the Chihuahua" of the Spydercos. And Dex, you're right I too have my Military always at the ready. The aluminum or carbon fibered scales sound the best to me, with the nod to the carbon fiber I guess. Always room for another Spyderco. Thanks folks.
The plain-edge Cricket is one of the best knives for cutting paper in a straight line, among other detail work.

The aluminum version has, alas been discontinued. Drat. There are still some in the pipeline here and there. The zytel lightweight version lives on.