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Spyderco Centofante

Oct 3, 1998
The SP25GS has been released. These are the smaller version of the new models and I like this one a lot. The large one was a biyt clunky fpor me, but this is a nice, light medium size. The clip sits up high for deep pocket carry. The safety works very well and it seems Spyderco designers succeeded where Gerber and others failed- making the liner lock safety work easily and reliably.
There is a partial liner for locking and none on the other side, The G10 is nice quality. They claim the tension on the blade is adjustable- but you have to remove the pocket clip to get to it. All in all, nicely done. Not cheap, but good quality.
Thanks Howard for the first impression and picture.

I notice that viewing the knife from the clip side, Spydie uses screws on this side of the handle as well (as they did with the Military model). This translates into a tighter fit of the handle parts. Spyderco has defeinitely improved the C25. I can't wait to get my hands on one to see for myself!

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

I ran across a first version C25 several
months ago,bought it,and have been smiling
ever sense.I think it is the best kept secret
Spyderco has.The way that thin blade slides
through whatever its called on to cut is
nothing short of amazing.That knife and
the new Military have caused several more ballyhooed brethren to remain in the knife