Spyderco Chinook


Jul 20, 2000
Been up to Gatlinburg for the weekend and just had to make the trip out to SMKW in Sevierville. After looking at all manner of knives I settled on two that I was going to choose between. One was an Al Mar SERE 2000 in black blade and clip while the other was a Spyderco Chinook. Now I've had both knives so I kinda knew what to expect when I handled them. The Al Mar was as solid as any Al Mar SERE 2000 I've held, which goes to show just how consistent this company is in putting out a fine folder. The Spyderco was no slouch either. I expected a bit of up and down blade play as the two I've owned had it and a couple I have picked up to handle at shows had it. Much to my surprise this Chinook was as solid as the Al Mar! There was no blade movement. Blade was tight in the open position, up and down, and side to side. The blade was also perfectly centered in the handle when closed. Smooth action in opening and still no blade play on the 4th time I checked settled the matter of which I would buy. It was the Chinook! I understand (I think) that Spyderco is going to redesign the Chinook to lighten it up a bit. While the present knife is heavy I like it that way. Double steel liners (even though they are extremely thin @ .042") coupled with the solid steel and full length back spacer make for a heavy duty cutter. The blade is CPM-440V and is 3.75" X .158", a VERY stout blade with a well defined bowie shape. I would rather see the pocketclip mounted higher on the handle, say above the pivot instead of around the pivot, but since I plan on carrying this in a vest/jacket pocket I don't guess it really matters. Perfect grinds on the blade make for a dandy slicer and the handle is covered in some grippy black G-10.

As I said in the beginning I am very happy to have found a Chinook that has what I consider rock-solid lockup. The only reason I sold the other two I had was due to the slight blade play they had. When your anal.......your anal, and ain't any amount of blade play going to be suitable!!
Glad to hear that you got something for which you were looking. I went to the C & E show and picked up four knives. They are the Spydie Rookie PE/SS, Leek PE, Spydie/Peter Herbst PE and a Meerkat PE. I love to go to SMKW but it's almost overwhelming (read: way too much stimuli). Maybe we can run into each other at another show. Take care and enjoy the rest of your vacation.
I love the Chinook, and I've missed it for a while cause I'm getting it sheathed by Normark.
Frankly, I think the current rendition of Chinook really is for a belt sheath. A diet would definately be nice, and I'm looking forward to that version.
BTTT, I know there are MANY more Chinook owners out there, but perhaps they aren't as anal as me 'n' Art be.

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