Spyderco Civilian first impressions

Jul 2, 2000
I just got one of these little gems yesterday. I am carrying it on duty today, but have not had a chance to use it. That's probably a good thing. I'm thinking that it would be o.k. for light utility as long as I don't use the tip to much. Of course I am carrying it as a defensive piece first though. It is riding on my weak side opposite my Beretta. I figure that makes a good combo. Well, gotta get on the road. Do any of you carry a Civilian, and if so what do you use it for? Any good Civilian stories? Let's hear it!
I have been carrying mine for about a year now, but I have never cut anything with it (except my fingers when cleaning it

As it is obviously able to cut, I guess one could use it for some utility works, but often the tip will get in the way. Also, sharpening will be tricky and tiresome.

As it is a dedicated defensive knife, I would not want it dulled by cutting tasks most other blades could have handled much better.

It is almost impossible to get a legal gun
here in Germany, so I feel one extra knife to carry without ever using it is still better than nothing at all (Hmm, I might carry my crossbow, which for some reason is regarded as some kind of sports toy by the law. The trouble is to get that thing into my pocket

Thax for the reply. About 2 hours after I started this thread my new MT SOCOM Elite arrived in the mail. The Civilian just went onto the display shelf. Great knife but I love the SE. Maby I should carry both!!
I would not EVER use the civilian for light cutting. It is a self protection knife, pure and simple.

You do not use a race horse to plow a field. It would ruin it.

How would a racehorse ruin a field? I don't think its droppings are any more toxic or acidic than any other horse's!

Have 2 civilians & they are one of the most use-specific knives around - they are designed for defensive slashing/ close-quarters fighting only - for pure defensive work they can't be topped but for anything else use the MT SOCOM - in other words "CARRY BOTH KNIVES - TOGETHER THEY WILL SERVE YOU WELL!" IMHO

That's what my wife carries, but she hasn't had to use it.

Rick Gray - Left Handers Unite
I have to agree with memnoch...this knife is exactly like a fine race horse.

A horse you lead around with you, in case you happen upon a race.

A horse you don't know how to mount because you have done it so rarely.

A horse that you have very little chance of 'winning' with, few 'win' in this kind of race.

An expensive horse.

My first option of 'getting the hell out of Dodge' not being avaliable, I feel that any of my daily use ($40-$75) knives would be more effective than something I carried...and never used.

Each to his own, I don't mean to make anyone mad but, I use most of my knives and can't see spending that much on something, just to lug around.

Uh, You should train in drawing the Civi. If you are going to carry a handgun you should practice drawing, as with a knife.

I practice drawing and train with the civi. I just do not use a self defense weapon for utility.

Do you use the front sight on a Sig to open your mail?
Why should you use a dedicated weapon, and make no mistake a civi is a weapon of the first order, for utility use?