Spyderco Cricket

Oct 4, 1998
I picked one of these up from Chai Cutlery to use as a money clip/airport knife. I've never had much of an interest in little knives, but I really like this one. I got the Zytel version and I think it would be really great in the carbon fiber, but not worth the extra money for my purposes. The ATS-55 blade is shaving sharp in typical Spyderco fashion and the handle shape allows for a surprisingly good grip. I don't think it will cause me to seriously reassess my size preferences, but oh all right, I'll say it- it's cute and I'm not ashamed to admit it.


Did you choose the plain or serrated-edge version? How sturdy does the lock-up feel to you?
Glad you're happy with your purchase.
I got the plain edge, James. Ordinarily, I would have gotten the serrated, but I'm planning on taking this one to Europe so I'm going with non-threatening. The liner does appear to lock up tightly, but this is strictly a light duty knife. The Zytel is thin enough to flex under pressure and it isn't a full length liner. It is smooth and even though small can be manipulated easily with one hand.

Thanks for the idea. I was considereing the CRKT for a 'money clip' but I really like the Cricket. I've carried an Endura98 for a couple of months now and it is a great knife for the money. Definitely a Sypderco fan here.


I've carried the plain edge Cricket as a "back up" utility cutter for 6 months now and have really come to like it. I've used it fairly hard and it's held up well. It locks up tight but keep the pivot end free of lint or dirt. I've had a couple of failed lock-ups because of debris accumulation.
donovan -

Well, you've certainly given me an idea here!

I travel to and fro Europe and the US (West Coast) on a regular basis, hence I have the same concerns as you do when it comes to the FAA and airport security (regarding knives).

I have, in the past, often carried the Victorinox "Money Clip" onto airplanes without so much as a raised euebrow from airport security, yet maybe I'll give the NEW Spyderco "Cricket" at try.

I was originally thinking of trying a Baby Jess Horn Spyderco from A.G. Russell, yet your "cricket" concept might be a better idea.

Hoping you get to continue to enjoy your "Sydies" and Euro trips,

Michael Cedric


The Cricket is a great little knife. I have the plain edge version and it is a wicked little blade. The lock up on mine seems more than enough for the size of the knife and the amount of pressure that can reasonably put on the knife. I made the maistake of having a "professional" sharpen it. The knife is still usable, but he altered the shape and angle of the edge. This was before I got a 203 sharpmaker. The hadle is surprisingly ergonomic and relatively secure for such a small knife. It is definetly a worker, but I would not have a problem with using it as a slash and dash defensive tool. Spyderco made it in aluminum, carbon fiber and Zytel. I would like to see a G-10 version as well.
This is one great little keychain knife. It looks very inoffensive but,with a load of keys on one end and held in the reverse grip you have a flail and blade all in one.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by donovan:
I got the plain edge, James. Ordinarily, I would have gotten the serrated, but I'm planning on taking this one to Europe so I'm going with non-threatening.

How did it go, taking your Spyderco Cricket with you to Europe? How did you "present" it to airport security, on your keychain or otherwise? Thanks.