Spyderco Dragonfly vs, 1 1/2" Elm branch


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Jul 20, 1999
I had just finished mowing my lawn and decided I was tired of ducking under a
couple of very leafy branches on an Elm tree in my yard. I pulled out my Spyderco fully
serrated Dragonfly (Zytel handle) and started trimming some very small branches
(1/2 inch or less) off the trunk. The knife made very quick work of these with very
little effort. There were two branches 1 1/2 inches in diameter that needed to go. I
looked at the knife and considered I only paid 15.00 for it when I bought it from a
fellow here on Bladeforums, so I said what the heck and started in. One clean slice
around the bottom of the branch cut through the bark, then I started on the top of the
branch, bend the branch a little and slice, bend a little more and slice. I was putting a lot of pressure on the knife when slicing and fully expected something to give but it didn't. I had the branch off in about a minute. I checked the knife after I was through and there was no blade play at all. The knife was still as tight as it was before I started. The only thing I had to do while cutting was use my thumb to swipe out the wood bits that clogged the serrations. I started considering the second branch when my 8 year old son walked up, assessed the situation, and said "Dad, I'll go get your hatchet". I was glad he did.

This little knife really impressed me. Though very small and not suitable for clearing out fencerows, it performed flawlessly in this hard use test and gave me a new respect for the strength of Zytel and the edgeholding ability of AUS-8. Thank you Spyderco for one tough little knife!!
Too weird! I too tested the Dragonfly yesterday, and on wood, with carving drills. I always carry the Dragonfly for light cutting, but I found a perfect walking stick sized branch. Had shorts on and only the Dragonfly. Being lazy, I decided what the hell and started whittling. What do you know? works in a pinch. Not the perfect blade shape for that task, but that little knife did all I asked it to, without complaining.

Love it.
I have a carbon fiber scaled Dragonfly and it is the cats meow

Got one myself to have as a super-small folder so as not to freak out the BMW set around my new job in down town SF. Is a beautiful little knife. Very elegant and well suited to my new work environment.

I've got to get used to opening it a bit. Its small size means I have to grip it just right to open smoothly in one motion, but I'm getting a handle on it...

Nice little knife.