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Spyderco Dragonfly vs. Spyderco Mouse

Jun 23, 1999
Somehow ended up with both of these knives. Thought I had canceled the Mouse after discovering the dragonfly, but I guess Bladetech didn't get that message! Still, not too big a deal, I like them both, so I might as well chip in here and let you know how they stack up against one another while soliciting other opinions...

The two knives appear to be aimed at the same mission/market, a very small utility folder. The Mouse advertises itself as being designed to travel, especially internationally, but please don't buy that particular hype. I've learned from experience that NO blade is immune from confiscation by international airport security. Indeed in Europe, it is the lock first, and not blade length that most often determines whether a knife will be acceptable.

So false advertising claims aside, which is better? Well if you're going to skin a moose, or even a squirrel, I'd pick the Mouse as that definately has the better blade for long slices. The Mouse has the most edge because of its extremely upswept skinner style, althought the over-all blade length of the two is just about equal. The extra curve in the Mouse blade makes it a bit wider through its whole length. That plus the slightly wider handle makes it heavier than the Dragonfly, but a little easier to open because the hand gets a better grip on the handle.

The Dragonfly, on the other hand, is by far the more elegant. If you need a tiny knife to go dress-up and you don't want to spend a fortune, the Dragonfly would be a good choice. None of the connection pins nor pivot are exposed on its perfectly smooth handles making it hands down the winner in the elegance category. Personally, I like the flat ground, more straight-ahead blade shape for most utility chores too.

The Dragonfly also has an interesting handle that flows into a choil made up of the base of the handle and the back of the blade which very naturaly fits the finger putting it closer to the tip of the blade for very fine control. The Dragonfly is by far the better whittling knife (for example) because if this enhanced control feature!
Nice review. I have a dragonfly and a navigator. The navigator feels more like a work knife than the dragonfly. The grip on the navigator gives a lot of leverage. If I am not mistaken the blade on the dragonfly is longer and its handle is shorter than the navigator. However, the cutting length of both blades are about equal. This is due to the dragonfly's use of the blade choil as a grip. I have slight lean toward the navigator in preference but only slight. While the dragonfly is more elegant, the navigator is more ergonomic.

I will keep my out for a Mouse. Are they available at dealers? Should you want to trade the mouse give me an email.

Roger Blake
Only blade-tech (www.blade-tech.com I think) claims to have the mouse which supposedly justifies its unnecessarily high price ($94 retail). Mine was supposed to come serialized for that price, but they didn't do that. Netted them a complaint from me, but they hardly ever answer their phone anyway...

Don't think I'll trade it though. Might be rare enough to be worth something some day.
Got my Mouse today, also a bit diappointed its not numbered, but Blade Tech did call to let me know they weren't going to be, and gave me a chance to cancel.

I didn't, and got a decent, solid little knife for too much money. But Tim's got an exclusive on his mouse design so if you want to play...you got to pay.

Solid lock up, thick blade for a small knife. Hollow-ground to a razor's edge, but a little stiff...oiled up extra it's still stiff and the blade pivot doesn't loosen it up at all. It's the pressure from the lock that keeps it from opening better.

Fit-finish typical Spyderco, in my book thats' about fine-production grade: No rough spots, grind marks or tool marks anywhere.

I'd like it with a G-10 handle like it's bigger brothers so I could carry it in my pocket or keychain without having to worry about the scales getting all nicked-up. I feel as if I look at the aluminum scales the wrong way, it'll leave a mark.

Overall, a little too pricey, but a solid little chuck of real sharp VG-10 Steel.

Too bad it wasn't serialized or marked "1st Production Run".

Could be a collector's piece if they never get beyond the first run, and the Spydie Wegner Collectors want a Mouse to round out their collection.

BTW: Definatly looks like it could skin about anything, and feels good in the hand. If you like a small, solid pocket knife, go mouse-hunting. Though the price could be a "Mouse-Trap".