Spyderco J.D.SMITH

Nov 14, 1999
I saw this knife a few months ago.I was very impressed with the design.The blade opened very smoothly and locked with a loud clank.It seemed like a well made knife.Does anyone have one and whats your opinion?Do you recommend it?Also whats the steel made of
ROBB, I don't remember the steel. It is either ATS-34 or 55. I like the design. I like the size and feel in the hand. I didn't like the smooth Micarta and the small opening hole. Plus I didn't like the fixed pivot pin. I could not get the knife loose enough to open without concern my thumb would slip off the opening hole.

My suggestions, nested liner lock, larger hole and adjustable pivot. Texture the Micarta or use G-10.

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I've got one and like it very much. Out of the box, it was a bit on the stiff side but after some generous lubing with Tuf-Glide and some play time, it's smoothed out a bit. The steel is ATS-34. Its a stylish design with a comfortable handle. Another thing, the clip is mounted high up on the handle so it carries real low in the pocket. Definitely check one out if you're interested.

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