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Spyderco K9

Mar 20, 1999
My Spyderco Military came today via US Mail. I should have known something was wrong when I heard the barking before I opened the box. What a dog! If I didn't see "Spyderco" engraved on the blade, I wouldn't believe they actually built this thing. The knife doesn't like to stay closed. There is considerable play in the blade after lock up. (If you can call what it does "lock up.") I now know why some people hate liner locks. (My finger should be completely healed in a week or so.) The lock on my knife engages fully (mid blade) about 70% of the time and is extremely EASY to disengage. The rest of the time, the thin, anemic, wannabe piece of metal (titanium?) engages only the first 1/4 of the blade.

On the plus side, the knife as handsome as an ATS34 blade and G10 scales ban be. The blade was a dream to sharpen. Just a few quick strokes on my Lansky ceramick sticks and the knife was throwing hair off my arm.

OK, Spyderco, now that the prototype's are out, when should we expect a full working model?
Ok. It took all of 10 minutes to fix the problem. (That includes the time it took me to search for my allen wrenches.) One of the "bearings" (nylon or teflon film) had partially folded into the tension adjustment hole and started to tear. I removed it, trimmed it, and replaced it, thoroughly cleaned the knife, "tweaked" the liner over so it lines up well, and re-assembled the knife. Oh my goodness what a difference. When I first dismantled the knife I thought, "There is NO way that this is the problem." I guess with the tolerances being what they were, that little piece of film threw the whole alignment of the knife off. Whodathunkit?

Am I pleased with the knife now?
Heck yeah!

It stays closed now (the detent lines up), locks up TIGHT when opened, there is NO blade play, and it takes noteable effort to unlock the liner. It's a Spyderco again.

Thank god your knife finally got in touch with its inner Spydie. I'm about to buy one for my fiancee (my first Spyderco) and the whole reason I want a Spydie in particular is their reputation for quality above fancy design. For a second there, I was a little scared! Didn't want to end up like my dad, who grew up hearing about Browning shotguns and finally bought one, then was disappointed (between the stories and the purchase, production had switched from Belgium to Japan. Not that Japan is a bad place to make stuff, but Browning had a bad experience with it initially, I guess.)

Also, thanks for posting the follow-up rather than trashing a manufacturer and leaving it.
No disrespect intended, but why did you bother buying the old model Military? The ATS-34 version was widely acknowledged as being "troubled". There are plenty of new, 440V models out there. I am more than pleased with mine. I'm sorry you had problems. There is a reason that the old Military is still out for sale at heavy discounts.
I was trashing the one (belived to be) bad knife that I got, not the company. I love Spyderco knives. Even if the entire run of Military's were lemons, I wouldn't trash the company. I just wouldn't buy that model. (Ford produced the Maverick. Blech!)

I didn't know the "original" Military was plagued with problems. I didn't even know there was an updated version. I just thought there were 2 choices of steel like there are 2 choices in blades. (Serrated or plain.) I like ATS34 steel. (Gasp! Heresy!!!) For my uses, CPM440V doesn't offer any benefit to me. (More heresy!!!) I clean, lube, and sharpen my knives regularly.

I carried the knife to work tonight and showed it off I was so proud of it. One of the gals I work with wanted to trade her Spydie Lightweight Walker for it. I had to pass.
I'm glad it all worked out for you. From your description of how you fixed the problems, you've got the skill(that I don't) to make things right. The only reason I found out about the two versions of the Military was from asking on the Spyderco forum about which one to buy. (Not because I'm such an authority on the subject).:)