Spyderco Military and Moran Featherweight

Oct 16, 1998

The Fallkniven babies A1 and F1 will be
displayed ASAP.

And the two Spyderco are now on heavy testing grounds...


Hello J.M. - looking forward to reading the Spyderco reviews. Glad to see that Fred has become a "Military man"

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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Hello Dexter,

Thanks to Spyderco communication team.
I think they enjoyed our Native Review.

The Military is really an "adamantite razor"


The Military is the best all around knife I own. I would buy another in a second if i could afford that luxury.
This is my first experience with 440-V and I am not disappointed. Talk about edge retention. I was concerned about resharpening at first but am no longer concerned as anything worthwhile takes time.
Being in the Military, I have put it through the works in and out of the field. I must say, this is one knife that will hold up.

Norwegian Misfit

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Hello Norge !

We have borken the tips of our Military before the testing.
I think it was a little to high tempered as it as been snapped without anuy warning or noise.

Since we have regrind the tip and the military is now in the middle of in his "Hell week".

The lock is one the rare liner lock which don't want to fail.



Please ask Fred to really cut hard with the Military, and tell us if he has any problem with the handle flexing, or the lock binding.


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Nemo I have heard before about how 440V may not be as tough as you would want on a hard working knife, how exactly did you break the tip?

I too would be interested in if the single liner is a cause for concern with regards to tough work.


The tip has broken but it was really a little temper problem. Like it was to high tempered.
It's happen. No big deal.

To break it I have thrust it in tender wood just to slide the wood on the side.
(I am missing vicabulary to explain)
Anyway it was not suppose to break that way.

It seems like CPM440V is at his best when not to high tempered. (HC 54)

Since that day, we have regrind the tip and the Military is at work/test again...

And this knife is a great cutter and keep its edge really long.


Nemo that's pretty much what the specs at CPM say (54-58). I have heard that the abrasion resistance of 440V is still really high even at the relatively low RC of 54 and its much tougher than the RC 58 version. How hard did Spyderco make it? I would also be curious to see if it made the edge to weak in regards to chipping. Do you plan to cut anything hard with it?


The Military Model in 440V should be Rc56-57. This is one of those steels that performs more effectively at lower Rockwells than steels like ATS. We found that at Rc58, brittleness became a problem. The tip should not have broken. Nemo, I would like to Rc the blade when your finished testing, trade you for a new one or?. When will I see you? Are you coming in for Blade Show?
Thanks for the info Sal. From your experience is 440V at that RC as tough as the ATS-34 and the other steels you use for similar knives?


Could you tell us what the crime and the laws are like in France? Do people carry guns or settle things with fists, knives, and full contact baguette fights?

Thank you,

Sorry to answer late but I could not log on the forum.

Fred Perrin will come to the IWA and later to Atlanta. He will have the Military with him.

I know Fred like to temper the CPM440V at HC 54-55 and the result are really excellent in edge holding.

In France, you cannot carry a knife or a gun.
Even a leatherman or a victorinox can be confiscated if found on you.
But you can pick up your knife the day after with a bag !
Strange but true. The do a difference between "Port" on your person and "Transport" in a bag.
Now bad people got guns, cutter or razor blade, rare are the knife of quality on the street.
Also we got so many cultures with different knives from Gypsies to African people.
Personnaly I carry a Leatherman and a little fixed blade whiwh I can use to eat with.
That's also that in France, you often eat with your personnal knife and it's at least the first chore we will ask from a pocket or urban knife: to cut cheese and sausages !
French people ? Stomachs on legs!


Cliff - We have found little today to compare with 440V in edge retention and toughness. Corrosion resistance is better that the ATS models, but not a good as VG-10 or MBS-26.

Nemo - Thanx, I'll see Fred in Nurnberg.
Nemo has Fred ever worked with CPM-3V (which is far tougher than 440V) or CPM-10V or CPM-15V (both with are much more abrasion resistant)?

Sal, so is CPM-440V better than ATS-34 in all regards with respect to the end product not considering how easy it is to work etc.

I'm a new member and really enjoy reading about folders and knives in general. I have a military ats and a moran feather, they are really great blades!! I really do like ats alot, I also have a Kershaw Random Task with 440V, I find that the 440v is just too hard to get really sharp, could be the angle Kershaw put on it but it doesn't want to get really sharp. This causes me to like ats-34 more! I tend to use the military for carrying
daily even though it is a large folder and sometimes to large for the city, but it is an awesome blade... As for the Moran I love this jewel, It is my camp special. Its shape is very handy for just about anything. Its weakness , I've heard, is its thin blade. I myself,find this an asset.Most of the time I forget I,m wearing it. Did get a new sheath made,thats slimmer. Well just thought I would throw in my two cents worth. Does anybody else like the MORAN Spydie? I just ordered a EDI Gen.1, can't wait to get it. As I said before I really like reading all your comments this is a cool place for a knifenutt!Thanks to all Bart

Cliff - Other than the mfg inconveniences. We have found CPM-440V is be more effective overall than any other steel we've worked with to date. Primarily from an edge holding and toughness point of view.

Corrosion resistance is not as good as 440C or VG-10, but as good or slightly better than ATS-34 or 55. We currently have BG-42 and M-2 going through testing.

Plans are to convert all USA made models to 440V by the beginning of next year. The Military and Starmate are currently 440V. The Native changes over late summer.

I need to answer to you question in a blind way as the oversea communication is well... strange.

Cliff, Fred has only used the CPM440V no others yet.

You know what, I have just noticed Sal is from Spyderco !
And I feel, stupid, again !!!

The Military will go all next week in Brittany for continuing his tests in the Broceliande Forest (Merlin and Excalibur forest...)


Nemo - Sorry, I'm in disguise. Never apologize or feel stupid for speaking truth. One should apologize or feel stupid only for not hearing the truth.