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Spyderco Military C36GSE?

Mar 18, 2000
What are y'all's feelings on this knife? How does that 440V steel compare to M2? Thanks for any info y'all can provide.

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If you will do a search in the general discussion forum and the general discussion archive forum you will find several long threads on the military vs. AFCK.

Dennis Bible
I have a military with 440V. I don't really like the handles on this knife much at all. The knife looks robust from the scanned pictures on the net, and I also knew that I would be getting a knife with no metal liners. But but when holding it in the hand, it just feels too light--almost cheap. lock up is solid and the quality of the fit is fine, but compared to the BM 710 the military just seems under built.
Or maybe the 710 is overbuilt ? I dunno, just asking.

My point though, seriously, is that the Military holds up very well over the long haul, don't know anyone who's experienced failure; of course, the handle shape is a personal thing, not everyone will like every shape. I was skeptical myself till I'd had one for a bit. Now it's one of my

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All G10 Military doesn't feel or look cheap to me. Once you handle it you see that Spydie quality is there. The thin liner lock it has looks kind of suspect for such a big folder. Although, mine passed all the spine-whack tests.

Don't know about cutting and how the blade holds. This is not my carry knife and I haven't done any rough tests with it.

And I wouldn't say that Spydie Military feels much less solid that BM710 (which I actually carry quite often).

Saying "differently solid" wouldn't be fair either.

How do I feel about the Military? Let me put it this way: I'd buy one right now if I didn't already own two of them. I also like the AFCK in M2, but I only have one of those. This should give you an idea of my preference. Both are great knives. Regarding the strengh of the Military vs. AFCK, I have a sneaky hunch the Military is stronger. Just an untested hunch, mind you. The Military's single-nested-liner design is deceptive. It allows for much thinner washers. If you compare a Military and an AFCK side by side, you'll notice that on the Military the blade fits flush against the handle slabs, so there is no room for lateral play. The Military handle appears to support the blade better. Also, as Sal Glesser has explained, the nested liner is supported by the handle scale and screws, whereas the typical non-nested liners of the AFCK and similar knives have only the screws holding them in place. The Military doesn't need two liners, and this is not a weakness, in my opinion.

But like I said before, both are excellent knives. Flip a coin then buy 'em both.

David Rock

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