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Spyderco Military Model

Dec 20, 1998
Does anyone have any experience with this model? I'm also interested in opinions of the steel (CPM440V) Thanks.
TS: Check the below URL for an outstanding thread about the Spydie Military from a few months ago. It's one of the best threads you will read and Gene will have you ROTFL.


I love this knife. The 440v keeps an edge that is outstanding. Everything about this knife makes it one of my favorites. The action is so smooth that it requires very little thumb pressure to open the blade. It flicks open easily if desired, the scales are G-10. The clip has a very secure feeling. This knife just screams quality!

I was on the beach today with it chopping all these various types of kelp and small shrubbery. I had a blast.
Didn't dull it at all.

This is a high quality knife that is well worth the price. I highly recommend it.

I hope this helps. Tell us if you go for it.


Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska
I've never posted to a forum like this before but I have to praise this knife. I have carried a Spyderco Military 440V every day for the last two years. It has taken my daily abuse and seems to be begging for more. The blade retains an edge very well. Lock up is still rock solid with absolutely no play in any direction. I have the first generation model and the G-10 scales have faded to a dirty brown color. I understand that the G-10 has been improved with the second generation. Other than the fading, this knife has far exceded my expectations.
Thanks to all for the info. This was my first exposure to the forum and I truly appreciate the help. I have now read the previous thread. I also read your review Dexter. Sounds like this is a great knife, I just needed a little help to pry that much money out of my wallet.

Just got one of these beauties today from ABC. Good price on a great knife. Can't comment on edge retention yet, of course. Blade geometry seems much more useful than my old "Police" model due to belly and longer plain edge at front. Action is smooth and liner lock executed well. G-10 seems very high quality. The clip is outstanding - I love the way it curves to match the curve of the handle. The handle itself reminds me of the AFCK in many ways when in hand (a definite +). Depending on the performance of the CPM 440V I think this is going to be an outstanding utility/everyday carry knife.

Happy Holidays,


Here is my impression on these knives(plural, because I have both an old one and a new one). The blade is one of my favorite styles spyderco has come out with. The 440V makes it even better. This blade cuts three times as long as my benchmades before it needs sharpenning. The drawback is the handles--come-on guys, no liners? Although I am not one to beat up knives, I like a strong knife and the feel I get from these knives is that the handle is weak, even on the new one. Heck even the spyderco large wegner model has a thick liner on one side. I don't understand how spyderco, could go all out with the blade design and material and blow it on the handles just to supposedly save weight. Benchamde did it and seved weight using titanium liners, spyderco could do the same. In truth the only reason I like these knives is because of the 440V. I hate sharpenning knives and this steel allows me to go longer between sharpennings. I still think the wegner is the best spyderco yet. With 440V, it might be the best all around folder for the money, but not so with the military.
Just to let everyone know, I just couldn't go through with the Military model purchase. I agonized over this one as my wife will verify, but I ended up with a Benchmade Stryker. I arrived at this decision not because of any perceived quality issues, as I found both knives to be of great quality, but the Benchmade just seemed more suited to me. The Military just felt a little large for daily wear. I wish there had been some other blades available with 440v as I am dying to try this steel. I'm just moving into this level of knives ($ wise) so I'm pretty cautious. Thanks to all for your info. By the way, Brian at "DISCOUNT KNIVES" gave me the best price and boy did it get here quick.
Thanks again. Tim

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The Spyderco Military is, as I see it, a great knife. It is the sharpest folder I own. It's lockup is remarkably solid, and I like the feel of the handle. Also, it's very light. I read something here at BF about CPM 440V chipping easily though, but with the positive qualities of the Military, I'd take my chances.

"If you come to a fork in the road, take it"
I think you made a good choice, Tim. I agree
with Cobalt on the liner issue: there's no
reason not to put dual ti liners in a knife
as large as the Military. Also, if you got
the Stryker in M2, I don't feel you've
sacrificed blade-steel quality. Albeit a
liner-lock, the Stryker has superb ergonomics
and overall strength...I really like mine.

remember that thread where you went off about your life sucking, trying to wi na free Cuda? I still laugh about that...lol