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Spyderco Military vs Rekat Carnivour

Jan 18, 1999
Has anyone compared these knives side by side? I'm curious about the Rekat, is the handle thicker than the Military? Has anyone really beat up a Rekat Carnivour? I may consider retiring my Spydi so I can use the Rekat for HD work(I have a early production Military). TIA, PR

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I have both knives. The Carnivour is thicker than the Military, but it is the most comfortable folder in the hand that I have held. Very ergonomic. While I like the 440V of the military better, the ATS-34 is still a good steel. I have only had my Carnivour for about a week, but I can say that it is extremely tough. Tougher than the Military, believe it or not. Go to the review section and check the topics for the last 30 days there is a great review of the Carnivour. I believe the topic was "amatuer review of the Carnivour". Although there is nothing amatuer about the review. The military is great, but I cant put this Carnivour down. It is probably the best production folder made overall.

I held one of the earlier Carnivour and was much impressed by it. I think it can only be better with the recurve blade. This is certainly a HEAVY duty knife.

I like the Military too, especially the 440V. But I'll wait for the wedding of the two -- a RL Military, hopefully, by the new year.