Spyderco Military


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Dec 23, 1998
A few weeks ago in a recent post concerning the Spy. Mil. I stated that I liked the overal shape, ergonomics and blade design and materials, but hated the fact that there were no liners. Not one person contradicted this point and some even added to it saying that they prefer liner knives. Almost everyone I have talked to also displays disgust with the fact that there are no liners. In fact one magazine review that I remember stated how the leaf lock was nested into the G-10 to reduce the profile even though no liners were present. So I sent Spyderco an E-mail stating my views.

Sal Glasser wrote me back a letter with specific points on my incorrect assumptions. As Sal recently stated in another post the Military does have a "full length" liner nested(or completely enclosed) by the G-10 handles. The clip screws into this liner as does the backspacer. Thus, the MILITARY IS NOT LINERLESS AS MOST PEOPLE THINK. I guess this means that I have nothing to complain about concerning the military.

Sorry Sal for the confusion and the promotion of disinformation. Thanks for your response and I will be waiting to see the items you mentioned in your letter. Thanks.
Cobalt - appreciate. By the way, we have a few Boye Dendritic Cobalt Military Blades that are "in the works" for protos. Interesting stuff.
Dendritic Cobalt Military? Hummmm. If you send me one so I can inspect it, I promise to send it right back, unless it just happens to get lost on the way to the post office. You know things like that happen. Of course I will insure it so that you do not loose any money.
Mr. Glesser,would you share your impressions
of Dendritic Cobalt compaired to 440 and 420V? Hats off to you for pushing the edge of
the envelope in blade steels and then makeing it possible to actually buy the product everywhere Spydercos are sold !
Mr. SDMatteson - We have done some testing with David's Dendritic Cobalt and Stellite 6K. David said that his tests indicated that CPM440V had better edge retention than his Dendritic 440C, but that his Dendritic Cobalt stayed sharper longer than CPM440V. Our tests do not concur. In our testing, we found CPM440V to be better in edge retention. However, cobalt based alloys do not corode..at all. A big plus combined with excellent edge retention. The down side is turning the stuff into a knife is difficult. David is to be commended for his research and achievements in this area. We'll have more info after we finish the testing with a Dendritic Cobalt Military proto. For your information, David Boye wrote one of the first books on knifemaking "way back when" and was one of the books that Bob Terzuola used to learn knifemaking. Hope this helps.