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Spyderco Native in 440V(!)...initial impressions

Jul 9, 1999
I've been a Native fan since they first caught my eye. They are well made and all are priced within the average persons reach. Very fairly priced, IMO.
Well, the Native has been undergoing some evolutionary changes and this latest production model is the best yet.
Handling the knife gives me a feeling that it is one of the best FRN handled knives to come off anyone's production line yet, IMHO. It is as solid as one could expect from a FRN handled knife. I get the distinct impression that it is stronger than it looks.
It locks up tight, the handle is well rounded and comfortable to hold and the 440V blade is ground thin and oh so wickedly sharp.
One of the best things about this newest Native is the fact that it has a black(!) pocket clip that can be switched from right to left making it a truly low key, ambidextrous knife. As I examine the knife, I'm trying to find something that's not right or off so I can report it to you guys, but, I can't find anything bad to say about this knife.
I'm very pleased with this 440V Native and I am barely able to wait to see what Spyderco is going to do with this series next.
Great knife at a REALLY great price!

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I thought Spyderco Native is offered only in 2 types of steel, GIN-1 for Native C41BK and AUS-10 for Native II C41.

I just bought a Native II in AUS-10 2 days ago. I like it because blade length and OAL is just right for me.

I wasn't aware of that new model in 440V. Where can I find one?

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The native is what originally brought me into the Spyderco fold. The new 440 Native has only strengthened that.

Now if Sal would just get the Chief out but with a tip down carry option which I prefer in a bigger folder...


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They are appearing in the cutlery stores now. I got mine for about $10.00 more than the GIN-1 Native. Well worth the price, IMO.
Happy Hunting!

I'm drooling over the possibility of getting a Chief! I hope they come out real soon.