Spyderco Native-review request

Feb 11, 1999
I have looked hard at this knife (on the 'net, only), and think it looks like possibly a good knife. It's purpose would be as a semi-pocketable (or clipped IWB) general utility. Plain blade.

Thanks for any info.


You should do a search. I think there already reviews of the native here. There are some in the Knifecenter site.

The native is a great little knife. Yes. It's a great utility knife but once you a get a hold of the handle you'll realize the security of the grip, the extension of the blade beyond the listed "3" as a result of the grip and the relatively wide spearpoint blade relative to length all contribute to give the native "multidemensional" possibilities...

The lockback is also as strong and stronger than the linerlocks on some of my "tacticals".

For the price you can hardly do better. (Also, you may want to consider the bladeforum model with blue G10 scales and 440v blade.

In the past several months, the Native stays with me in my jacket pocket whenever I leave the house. In my pant's pocket, I alternate between a KFF or a Pinnacle. Essentially, the Native is with me most often and used most often.