Spyderco Police

Oct 6, 2000
I am thinking about buying a Spyderco Police (non serrated) with G10 scales. Anyone have any experiences with this knife? Seems like a nice long blade in a handy overall package. Also, my experience shows that Spyderco quality is really quite good.
Jay, I liked everything but the blade material on the plain G-10. It felt fragile and I'm not a big fan of ATS-55. I have the old Gin-1/G2 stainless Police and like it much better. Actually, I'd like the G-10 handle with the Gin-1 blade. I'll post my review later.
Smoke: Thanks for the comments. Did you have the older hollow ground version or the new flat grind?
jayharley, the G-10 plain-edged Police is a nice knife. You can manuever it faster than the SS version due to its lightness and you will probably agree that it allows you a more secure grip than the SS police. However, the blade is flat ground and appears thinner than the hollow ground plain-edged SS Police blade. Although it probably slices better than the hollow ground, it may be weaker if you intend to use the knife for stabbing and prying things.

I like the SS version for its smooth handles which slip in and out of your pocket or waistband with less abrasion (makes your pockets last longer too). For good reason, some users find this handle too slippery for a secure grip. I usually use a saber grip but with my thumb turned slightly left and pressing against the upper left edge of the handle (actually, I use this grip with most of my knives) and find this arrangement satisfactory for my use. (It may not be secure enough for your intended use).

My favorite carry location for the SS version is IWB to the right of the small of my back (very comfortable). When I carry the G-10 model, I usually use a nylon sheath ala vertical belt carry.

I like them both but if I had to choose only one, it would be the SS plain-edged Police. Only you know which version suits your intended use best so have fun picking the finalist. I hope my two cents has been useful to you.
Toothed: Thanks for your input. I have been checking around at a variety of different knives (non of which I really NEED!)

I have decided to go a completely different direction for this purchase. I found a good price on a Al Mar SERE 2000 and bought it. I know it is not the same type of tool as the Police, but I have had my eye on this item also. Thanks again.
My opinion is the Police is an excellent design, but the Military improved on it in just about every area.

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