Spyderco Sharpmaker Review

Apr 18, 1999
Having read many positive comments about the Spyderco Sharpmaker, I decided to purchase one. Retailers in Houston, TX, where I currently reside, seem averse to maintaining product inventories of anything. Therefore, unable to find the model 204, I bought the 203 I could find. I know I could have ordered through the net, but you know how it is: When the money is in hand, the soughtafter item, or a reasonable substitute, is available, and the wife is nowhere to be seen, or see, one must act.

Before launching belatedly into my review, let me procrastinate a little longer by saying I have been sharpening knive for many years. In my sharpening kit tool box are a Lansky kit, a Razors Edge kit, the very similar Buck kit, and a Model M diamond rod and a similar GATCO diamond rod. All of these tools have served me well on some knives, but not on all knives. For example, the Razors Edge works very well on my CS Voyager, but seems less effective on my various BM ATS34 blades, especially the recurved blades on the Brend Combat Talon and the Axis Lock. Therefore, I have concluded some sharpening implements work better on some blade designs and/or materials than others. Hence, I decided the Sharpmaker should reside in my tool box.

Since last Friday, I have sharpened everything that couldn't outrun me, with really dramatic results. The Sharpmaker is easy to use, is not messy, and seems able to sharpen all my knives to a very keen edge. I even sharpened some of my wife's kitchen knives. I know this isn't much of a review, but someone I once knew told me, "When you run out of things to say, Shut up!"

P.S. My son needs a new hat. The newly sharpened point on his head poked a hole through his old hat. Maybe he should buy some new running shoes too.

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Jun 9, 1999
I ahve the 203 too, I'm hoping to get the 204 soon. They are nice too. I sharpened my Ka-Bar USMC combat knife to a wickedly sharp edge with it yesterday. I dang near took my thumb off when i tried to clean up some stains near the edge. I couldn't sharpen my Spec Plus fighter with it though. The edges are very thick on it so the angle of the sharpmaker doesn't even touch the edge of it. Oh well, its good for just about every other knife I have.

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Apr 7, 1999
I have just recieved the 204 from Top of Texas Knives . By far the best sharpener made . I will never use another method of sharpening my knives. Just want to say thanks to Chris in Texas best prices anywhere.

Oct 14, 1998
Welcome to the club Willie Boy!

Glad the 203 is working for you. I couldn't get by without mine. I'm looking forward to getting the 204 some day too.

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