Spyderco SP59 Shabaria

Oct 5, 1998
Have you seen this knife yet?? I saw a picture of it at knifecenter.com news. I thought I really wanted Bob Lum's 2nd spyderco knife, but the Shabaria caught my eye. Its nice. Check it out if ya get a chance. Here's the info:
Designed by Eduard Bradichansky
Blade - 3 7/8" of VG-10
Handle- Micarta, a hourglass shaped handle
Tip down carry, liner lock.

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Hello Blades,

I have not seen this knife yet but that C59 info on KCI's site came from me. However, Spyderco had a plexiglass model of this knife at this past year's Blade show, and I did get to fiddle with that a bit. It's kind of difficult to get an accurate feel of a real knife from one that is made by riveted plexiglass
I really like the appearance of the Shabaria - very unique! It should be a real winner for those who like different looking folders. As of yet, MSRP has not been determined nor has the release date. I can only wager a guess by saying that expect it to retail at approximately $130. For those who have not seen this folder yet, <a href="http://www.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/spyderc/exper.html">click here</a>. I would be interested in some of your comments!
Boy, do I have some mixed emotions here. I really like the blade design, but I'm not so sure about the handle. If it really nestled into my hand maybe I'd overcome my initial impression. This is one I'd really need try before buying. I applaud Spyderco for the effort though. What's the story on VG-10?
Hi Marion,

They would make nice conversation pieces. This would be the type of knife to break the sheeple in!

I guess this one is easy for me.....I'd pass. Simply too radical with that hourglass handle...same reaction I had to that Jhota (SIC?) thing with its huge hump. Guess I'm more of a tradionalist. In the Spydie folder line I'll take a Military or an Endura.

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sheeply beware... ROOOOAAARRRRRR

Bald1, I agree with the Military and Endura being more practical, but the Shabaria would fill that desire that I thought would make me own a Civilian...

Toys, and they are useful too....


Marion David Poff

I like the way it looks, and will probably get one. I always tell myself that it is a sales sample ;-) Yeah right !!! (it is also what I tell she who must be obeyed) I am a l;ittle uncertain about the handle shape, but the only way to find out is to get one.
Having just received my Shabaria #365,; I'd be happy to offer up my thoughts for what it's worth.

Right off the bat, the looks of this knife alone are going to make you feel something- which could be good or bad, I suppose. For myself, I was intrigued enough to buy one as soon as I could find one.

It's quite impressive, actually, given the hourglass shaped handle- which I thought might be awkward. It does hold well in my hand. The handle material (which I understand is a bead blasted Micarta) feels secure without being slippery. Although with the way the knife is held, I can't see your hand slipping as the shape lends a good 'grab'. There are dual stainless liners and a stainless backspacer that give a solid feel to the slim handle.

Opening the knife is as easy as any Spyderco, utilizing the traditional hole in the blade. On the liner lock side, the hole is partially obscured by the lock, consequently lefties might not go for this one too much. I found opening the Shabaria simple, either by a flick of my thumb or by rolling my thumb over a closed grip. Either way, no problems. Once opened, the lock engages solidly and with an authoritative 'pop'. For me this was great news, as some other Spydies I have never locked up that well. Disengaging the lock is easy too, as the handle is recessed in that area to allow one's thumb to access the lock. The entire opening/closing feel of this knife reminds me more of a full custom quality piece than a factory one. High quality feel overall.

The blade is long, I believe just a shade under 4". And it looks every bit that length, when contrasted to the very petite looking handle. The blade is recurved- although for my usage, I'm honestly not quite sure what the benefit will be. The tip of the blade is needle sharp, causing me to bleed after stupidly touching the tip with my index finger. (Let he who is without sin....) Blade steel is VG-10, and of course is scary sharp from the factory. From other threads I've found- it's high quality and will sharpen up nicely. The only use I've found so far for it was some ill fated Christmas card envelopes and the box Knifecenter shipped it in. Whipped through both with no problems. And that's a pretty good estimation of my usual cutting chores. So for 'average household duty' it should serve well.

The Shabaria also has a pocket clip, positioned for tip down carry. It allows the knife to be tucked away discreetly in the pocket. When folded, the top of the blade is exposed quite a bit, due again to the curvature of the handle- but you'd never know it- not a big deal.

Two other nice touches, the gold spyder-bug thing on the pocket clip, and Eduard Bradichansky's logo on the blade. Blade tension appears to be adjustable through a phillips head screw at the pivot. Cleaning this knife may prove to be a little tricky, as the whole thing is riveted together.(not that we ever take our knives apart, right?

I would recommend one to any knife enthusiast, but especially if you're into Spydie's.

The design of the Shabaria may well be enough to make sales but it's the accompanying quality that I feel makes it worth it. For myself, the bold styling(for a folder) means a lot. Take out all of your tactical style folders, lay them across your desk or whatever and squint real hard at them. Kind of blend together, don't they? (not to imply that the Shabaria would be a good tactical, I don't know that, I'm just saying style-wise)

The more I look at it, the more I dig it- you might find yourself looking twice too. You won't be disappointed. Another winner from Spyderco's Custom Collaborations line.

Just my opinion-


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Thanks for the review!! I can't wait to get one.(note to self; email Beck's)