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Spyderco Standard


Gold Member
Oct 12, 1998
I'd like to purchase a smaller folding G-10 handle knife and I'm seriously considering a Standard. Can anyone who has this knife give me their impressions. Especially compared to a mini AFCK, and the Wegner Jr.
Thank you
I wrote about this knife in a review of the '98 Spydercos found on this site's <a href=http://www.bladeforums.com/reviews/review-4.htm>Reviews</a> page. Hope this info helps!

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

Thanks for that info. I completely forgot to look there.
I've come to really trust your opinion.
Thanks again
Reading about the Spyderco standard takes me back as it was the first spydie I bought about 8 years ago and had a deep and lasting (not to mention extremely expensive ) effect on my consumer spending habbits

Unfortuately it was stolen from my web gear when on a march and shoot competition. IWB carry is not recomended when doing an assault course.

I love the blade shape and was just about to purchase one of the new G10 handled versions when the BM Calypso Jnr's came into stock and so I bought one of then instead.

Go for it - The standard is just about right
I have a plain edge with G-10 and use/carry it all the time..but again - it's a matter of taste.