Spyderco Terzuola Starmate

Oct 10, 1999
Has anyone gotten one yet? I don't even know if they are available yet. If anyone has one, how is it? Does anyone know any place on the Internet selling it?
Do a search here and on the Spyderco forum and you will turn up loads of info. In short, they are available, reviews have been quite positive, and production is having a hard time keeping up with demand.

I am very impressed with mine but had some minor gripes with the grip that I corrected as detailed here: http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum20/HTML/001228.html


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Drew Gleason:
Knife Center Of The Internet had them in stock as of Friday when I got mine.WWW Knifecenter.com Very nice knife.At Knifecenters 99.95 a real good buy.A search of BladeForums should yield plenty of reviews and comments.

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I got mine about two months ago (numbered edition 454) and I can't say enough good things about it. Comfortable, 5/32" thick, 440V, just great.
I went to the beach one night with my girlfriend and her son and some of his friends. My Starmate cut and sharpenned 6 roasting sticks, split up some kindling, cut food, and at the end of the night it could still shave the hair off my arm. What more do I need to say...get one!
I got mine from Bayou Lafourche Knifeworks for around $90.00 last month. A great knife!