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Spyderco Ti DLC S90V Yo2, Custom Domino/Pingo, Kahr Delica, CF Chap, Laconico Keen

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Jul 3, 2013
Hi everyone, I have a few great customized Spydies available today that are not getting any carry time and a few others purchased as backups that need to go. All knives come in their original boxes and all original packing materials, manuals, etc. Prices listed below includes both PayPal Goods & Services fees and fully insured USPS Priority shipping costs that I will cover. I do not accept PP Friends & Family payments period (don’t even ask), and am not interested in trades at this time. Prices are FIRM.

Spyderco Titanium Yojimbo2 DLC CPM-S90V CC#087V $OLD! $175
(Barely) Used. Put this guy together using aftermarket stonewashed Ti scales from Steve at Blades We Love. Carried it a few times but it didn’t see any real cutting action. Comes in original box with bag, manual, and a pair of stock black G10 Yo2 scales.




Spyderco Domino Coarse Black G10 Acid-washed CTS-204P CC#167V $OLD! $145
Used. One of my first customized Spydercos. Allen Putnam coarse G10 scale and CTS-204P blade acid-washed and reprofiled to a mirror edge by Mark Mansfield (MMans0311). Comes in original box with bag and manual (original scale is long gone).




Spyderco Pingo Coarse Black G10 Acid-washed N690Co $OLD! $100
Used. Another one of my first customized Spydercos, made as a match to the Domino above. Steve Ketchen coarse G10 scale and N690Co with tip reground, acid-washed and reprofiled to mirror edge by Mark Mansfield (MMans0311). Comes in original box with bag and manual with original stock black FRN scales.





Spyderco Mantra 2 Titanium CPM-M4 CC#087V Withdrawn
Lightly used. Professionally reprofiled and sharpened to a screaming edge by Josh at Razor Edge Knives. Comes in original box with desiccant pack, bag and manual.



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Spyderco Native 5 Yellow FRN CPM-S90V $OLD! $80
LNIB. This is what’s leftover of a blade swap between a BNIB LC200N Salt N5 (frame) and an orange CS exclusive S90V (blade). This is NOT a “Salt” version, it’s a standard S90V N5 just in some yellow FRN scales – would be a great candidate for a RIT dye job! I wanted to get someone a brand new S90V N5 blade into someone’s hands cheap. Comes in original box with bag and manual.




Spyderco Kahr Arms Delica Blue Denim FRN Stonewashed VG-10 $SOLD! $75
BNIB. Bought as a backup directly from Kahr Arms.




Spyderco Chaparral CF/G10 laminate CTS-XHP $OLD! $90
BNIB. Bought as a backup a few years back, only out for pics.




Spyderco Pingo Black FRN N690Co $OLD! $65
BNIB. Bought as a backup a few years back, only out for pics.




Massdrop Ray Laconico Keen Purple Portals Titanium CPM-S35VN $OLD! $130
Lightly used. Carried this for a few days and while I really like it, bills need to be paid so this one needs to move on. Perfect action, centering, and only a few very light scuffs from pocket carry. Comes in original MD pouch and box with Laconico microfiber cloth.





My standard BF sales verbiage:

All standard BF buying/shipping rules apply. You must be at least 18 years old and it is your responsibility to know and adhere to your local knife carry laws. Immediate payment is expected or I will move onto the next interested buyer. I only accept PayPal GOODS/SERVICES as payment – fees and shipping with full USPS insurance are included in the quoted price. Any payments made using the Friends/Family option will be immediately refunded and I will move onto the next buyer. Shipping labels will be generated directly by PayPal and tied directly to the transaction. First “I’ll take it” in this thread followed by a PM or email to my BF username AT gmail dot com will make it yours. No international sales (sorry my Canadian friends!) and all sales are final. Thanks for looking! Radioactive :)
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OK, update: everything is sold except the Mantra 2, stock black Pingo and Laconico Keen - which I've reduced prices on all (not going any lower I'm afraid).
I'll take the Pingo for $65 if it's still available. Contact: sgt1372 at gmail.
PM coming your way!
EDIT: Payment sent for Keen!

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With the sale of the Keen, that wraps up this bunch! Many thanks to the buyers and to BF for hosting.

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