Spyderco - you are bad for my paypal

Jun 25, 2010
Got the Persistence as I wanted an entry-level knife. Find excuses to use it. Tonight, wife made salad, had the onion out, had already cut some for me. Well, she went to clean her knife and so, I whipped mine out and diced more onion even though I did not need it. Did a fine, fine job.

So, today, I am wanting another knife. Why, who knows, just did. Been lusting a Mini Grip and like that locking system. ALso could not keep my thoughts away from a Kershawguy deal on say a Scallion, or leek or something. So I go to a place that has them and handled them. Also played with a Sog Flash 1. Oh, and a Delica. DOnt know why, but I just like the Spydies. Loved that little bit of tang that flips the Scallion open so fast, but the curve in the blade scares me for sharpening. So, I go to the ebay and find the blue scales one and said, no, I wont pay over $40 for one, just see if I can steal one. Well, $52.45 delivered ($4.00 shipping), the Spydie guys are selling me one and shipping it. And head to head, I liked the closing on the Mini Grip, but it seemed wider in the handle, especially near the locking system, and, well, that was it. Not particularly fast to open, blade not all that special. They has a mini Assist for $50 that was okay.

So now two Spydies in two weeks and still antsy over how I am gonna sharpen them.