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Spyderco ZT Benchmade 0808 Sprint 0560 Chaparral Positron Caly 3 Sprint Para 3 Anthem Spydiechef 9


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Aug 9, 2015
FWIW, This includes knives from my previous post from a couple weeks ago (now with lower prices), and a few new knives added in.

Selling these to make up for recent binge of knife purchases. These are mostly knives that I just never really found myself carrying, so I figure I should let someone else enjoy them.

All prices include USPS priority shipping. No trades or international shipping. Payment by PayPal. Will try to ship out next day in most cases, but might be 2 days depending on the timing.

Please make a post in the thread, PM me, or email at rlschne@gmail dot com and then I’ll give you a PayPal address later. First come first serve. I’ll probably be checking the post / messages in the evening.

None of these have been sharpened except maybe the Benchmade 940 (not sure), and the Benchmade Anthem.

All have good blade centering.

See specific descriptions for each below. Will be in multiple posts due to photo limit.

Zero Tolerance 0560 hinderer
SOLD Discontinued Hinderer model. Very nice condition, I never used it and I think it was only very lightly used before I bought it. No issues I can find. No Box / Paperwork.
DSC03075.jpg DSC03076.jpg

Spyderco Spydiechef
SOLD - Brand new, never used. I accidentally had two of these on backorder and forgot to cancel one of them.

Spyderco Dragonfly 2 ZDP189 C28PGRE2
SOLD Carried a few times, only very lightly used. No visible issues. Includes
box & paperwork.
DSC03090.jpg DSC03091.jpg

Spyderco Chaparral Noble Rafir C152RNP
SOLD, Brand new, never even carried. Includes box & paperwork.
DSC03095.jpg DSC03096.jpg


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Spyderco Positron C195CFP
SOLD, Carried a few times, only very lightly used. no issues. Includes box & paperwork.

Benchmade 781 Anthem
SOLD - Used Benchmade Anthem with some cosmetic issues.

Anyways, the issues - The blade originally had a very fine tip, and it chipped off. I had to reprofile the blade a little bit to hide that, and while I did that, I created some pretty visible vertical scratches. I think you would need to stonewash the blade to hide them at this point. The blade is sharp now, but just a bit ugly due to the scratches and an area where I tried to see If i could hide them and ended up leaving a bit of a hazy blob. You can see all the issues in the photos. Functionality is great though with no problems. Very nice to flip open and closed. Perfect blade centering (I sent back 2 other anthems before settling on this one due to them being off center). Has the MXG titanium pocket clip, but I’ll also include the original one as well.
DSC03078.jpg DSC03079.jpg DSC03080.jpg DSC03081.jpg DSC03082.jpg DSC03083.jpg DSC03084.jpg DSC03089.jpg
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Spyderco Para 3 Carbon fiber SV90 sprint C223CF90VP
$175, Carried a few times, only very lightly used. No visible issues. Includes box & paperwork.
DSC03099.jpg DSC03100.jpg

Spyderco Para 3 Cruwear sprint C223GPGYCW
SOLD, Carried a few times, only very lightly used. No visible issues. Includes box & paperwork.
DSC03101.jpg DSC03102.jpg

Spyderco Para 3 C223GP
SOLD, Carried a fair amount, light use, no issues. Includes box & paperwork.
DSC03103.jpg DSC03104.jpg

Spyderco Caly 3 Hap40 Sprint C113GPGR
$130, Brand new, never even carried. Includes box & paperwork.
DSC03105.jpg DSC03106.jpg

Zero Tolerance 0808 Gold Sprint 0808GLD
SOLD, Carried a few times, only very lightly used. no issues. Includes box & paperwork.
DSC03107.jpg DSC03108.jpg
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Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Black G10, Black Blade, C81GPBK2
$90 - Used knife, very good condition overall, but the blade and G10 show a little bit of wear (Might clean off, don’t think it is deep). No BOX / Paperwork
DSC03131.jpg DSC03132.jpg DSC03133.jpg

Benchmade 940 (Green aluminum) with custom DOAT blue carbon fiber twill scales
SOLD, This knife has been used and carried a good bit over the years. Blade is still pretty sharp (I don’t remember if I every sharpened it though, so assume I have at some point). Custom scales do show some wear, see photos. The scales are also thinner than the scales on something like a 940-1, so you can feel a little bit of flex if you really try. Also including the original green scales/ backspace, and the original pocket clip in addition to the deep carry one. NO BOX / PAPERWORK.
DSC03047.jpg DSC03046.jpg DSC03045.jpg

All boxes, FWIW.
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Para 3 (S30V) is sold
Pending payment on 940, anthem, and 0560
Everything else is still available
Hey bud is the carbonfiber s90v para3 still available?

Everything is still available except for:
Para 3 s30v, anthem, 940, chaparral, gold Zt

You can email me at the address in the original post to work out the details if you want it.