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Spydercos and a Cold Steel

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Sep 15, 2014
All prices are shipped with Paypal goods (I will take F&F if you are ok with it). Also, we can discuss bulk discounts if someone buys several knives in a lot.

First person to say "I'll take it" with the number of the corresponding knife gets it. Send me an email with the corresponding knife as the subject line.

Sorry for the poor photos on a few. All knives are new, like new, or in excellent condition. PayPal: mcmullen.colby(at)gmail.com

#1 - Spyderco Paramilitary 2 in CPM-20CV and tag G-10. DLT Trading exclusive. New in box - $175 SOLD to MSTACH07

#2 - Spyderco Para 3 in DLC CTS-XHP and orange G-10. Cutlery Shoppe exclusive. New in box - $175 SOLD TO JLVL

#3 - Spyderco Air in CPM-M4 and two sets of scales. Like new in box because of scale swap. Otherwise unused. - $185 Traded to LTSweeney18

#4 - Spyderco Gayle Bradley 1 in CPM-M4 and carbon fiber/G-10 laminate. Like new in box. Sharpened but not used or carried. - $175 SOLD TO JOKKAMOFEENANAY
#5 - Spyderco Delica Lot. Super Blue Delica and VG-10 half-serrated Black Delica. Swapped the scales. Both included in price and both used in box - $140 SOLD TO BRUSIEDMEAT
#6 - Spyderco Military Lot. S110V blurple and 52100 CF. Swapped the scales. Both included in price and both used in box - $175 SOLD TO JACKTHEKNIFEGUY

#7 - Cold Steel Lucky One slip joint in CPM-S35VN and carbon fiber. Great little slip joint with a modern twist used in box - $50
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