SpydeRench - review

SpydeRench, part 1/2

It's a lot of so called multi-tools on the market. SPYDERCO wouldn't be SPYDERCO if they would make their new multi-tool like each other.
Spydeench has some differences from another multi-tools.
First, it is quite little.

Second, it can be divided into two parts.

Do you know another way to cope with a stubborn screw if the nut on the other end turns and you need the separate tool to hold it? Two men can use one SpydeRench at the same time: one can work with the file, knife or screwdriver and another - with wrench.
Third, the knife can be easily opened with one hand like each SPYDERCO knife.

Think it is not the least if the knife should be used quickly as rescue or defensive tool.
By the way, the knife SpydeRench contains is very comfortable to hold and work with. I found it more comfortable if it is used without tool division but for gentler work it can be used also having SpydeRench in two pieces.

to be continued
SpydeRench, part 2/2

Well, what tools we have in this set?
Pliers with two-step adjustment. Despite diminutive handles they allow to catch and hod securely things with dimensions between 2 and 20 millimeters.

Adjustable wrench allows to work with nuts and bolts with header dimensions between 6 and 13 millimeters. The play of moving part of the wrench is comparable with most similar tools, maybe slightly more.

Fine diamond file with flat, convex, concave surfaces and the edges between them.
Three flat screwdriver heads with 4; 5,5 and 7-mm width, the smallest head is on the end of the file (see part 1/2, second photo).
Three Philips screwdriver heads, No 1; 2 and 3. The smallest is on another end of the file. All screwdrivers are made very precisely and of quite decent steel, so it is no problems to use all your force on the screwdriver.
Very decent knife with 63-mm long and 2,3-mm thick hollow ground blade of 440C stainless steel hardened to 59-61 HRC (see part 1/2, photos 3 and 4). The blade is available in plain or serrated configuration.

What lacks me in this set?
It is no any wire cutter in the pliers. As the alternative solution I would propose to file wire first and then to break it with the pliers.
It is pretty tricky to hold things thinner than 2 mm with the pliers.

When a thicker screw is screwed suitably tightly the screwdriver handle can somewhat bit the palm when you would try to screw it out. The solution is to warp around the handle with some rag or scarf. Another solution is to use SpydeRench in one piece if the screw is not hidden in the tight place.

What can be done using the SpydeRench? Definitely you can't to strip your car and even bike. But you can tighten the loose screw on your working table in the office, you can also file the nasty tip of the nail which "grows" in wrong place. You can open the casing of stubborn household machine to look what is inside before through it away
Using SpydeRench it is possible to do many different things depending on your fantasy and needs. I think even more than using McGiver's ubiquitous and all fitting penknife

Would the same tools be easier and more comfortable to use if they would be made in usual form? Yes, of course. But you can't put the set of usual tools with comparable abilities into your jeans pocket!

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland

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Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
I keep thinking about these as I have been noticing how useful they would be at work with the pliars and wrench combination. I still like the needlenose pliars on my Supertool for alot of things but the Spyderco tool gets more attractive every time I think about it.

The only thing that concerns me is wear causing loosening over time because of all the bits as compared to a normal tool and general comfort because of the shape. Has anyone one had one in use for awhile and can comment?

Nice review by the way, have you contacted Blade or Tactical knives and showed them your work?


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Thanks! for the Great review and photos, Very informative!...I enjoyed reading it way over here in California...Barry
Cliff -

I've had mine for about 5 months. The edges are rounded - not just a flat surface with a bevel, but round. Nice and comfy, even under plier-squeezing strain.

I think that the needle-nose is good for some things, but now that I have a "real" pliers, I'm finding it to be appropriate more often. Can't really get a good grip on a hex nut with a needlenose.

I'm not sure where you'd worry about wear owing to the bits... I'm not seeing excessive wear anyplace...

Great write-up Sergiusz!

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Sergiusz, is de spydierench truly comfortable to carry clipped to your pocket? is it not to heavy for that? thank you in advance.
Mr Blonde -

IMHO, you are right about the Spyderench being to heavy for pocket clip carry. I'm carrying mine today clipped to my belt, but I'd rather see Spyderco leave off the clip and include a leather sheath like the Leatherman Wave's.

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"Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, the bear eats you."
Sergiusz, like the others have said --> excellant review, and pictures. You should do it for a living.

I recently received a SpydeRench, and was a bit hesistant about it since I had heard some 'bad' things about it. A friend suggested that one should READ the instruction booklet first!
I haven't had a problem with it at at all. It is heavy, but you would know if wasn't in your pocket if it fell out by mistake.

Thanks again!

Ray 'md2020'

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Truth, it is a bit onto heavy side but still comfortable enough to carry it in side or back pant pocket. Very nice to carry clipped into waistband inside the pants.