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SpydeRench review

Nice review! I just got my SpydeRench last week while on vacation / Honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains. I got married on the 4th of July...Let the fireworks begin!

After a week of use I have noticed the following...

- If the wrench is opened a bit too far past the max,the jaw will start to depress the file to the point it will shoot out from the tool. This happened to me when I first picked it up...shot out at the clerk, I felt like a dorkchop!

- On mine & two others I looked at the lock to keep the tool in the opened position did not engage well, easy to fix though by useing the file to get rid of the sharp edges

- Overall nice tool, but I agree that on most days I would get the most use out of a full size multi tool.

- I also have some concern about the locks strengh while torking the cresent wrench, the only thing keeping the handle open is that small lock. Time will tell.

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt"
Interesting comment about the file. On the one I have you can't turn the wrench open that far, it jams. The only way to open it further is to depress the file a little. Then when you close the jaws the file rockets out.

About the lock extension. This one is very secure. I tried torquing on it in various ways and could not disengage it. I also tried just tried to break it by twisting it in my hands. It held fine.