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SRK or Recon Tanto?

Oct 20, 1998
I have previously owned an SRK, but I sold it after my military service to a friend of mine. I really liked the SRK, and I am thinking of getting either a new one or a Recon Tanto. Anybody have any experience with Cold Steels Recon Tanto?

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I have experiences with both. I had both, and my friend wanted one of em, said he didn't care. I gave him the Tanto and he was dissapointed. Guess that's 2 votes for the SRK.
Neither knife is that bad really, same thing almost. I have a Ka-Bar that is 7in and wanted something of different size. plus I prefer a clip point over a tanto anyday.

I've had both. If you want to impress duffers, or have a pure "fighting knife", get the Recon Tanto. The guy who bought mine was all a-twitter. If you want a good general-purpose blade, get another SRK. I just misplaced mine somewhere; time to get another one, I guess. Anyone know if the SRK is coming with a Kydex sheath these days? I had a real nice one from Blade-Tech; unfortunately, the knife was in it...:-(

Get both , they are good using knive and reasonable priced.I have used my SRK to break thr bead on a blowout I got,without any major damage to the knife. If you hit the local gun and knife shows you can find them pretty cheep.
I bought a recon tanto about 5 or 6 years ago and I am still wondering why. I suppose I was all atwitter (to borrow a phrase I heard recently) about having a fighting knife....God forbid I should ever engage in knife combat. I've already proven beyond a doubt that I am more a danger to myself with a blade than to anyone else. Any way, I keep it absolutely razor sharp in the gun safe where it patiently awaits the call to open an automobile or 55 gallon steel drum like a can of sardines. I could also put it in a vice and jump on it without damaging it. It is tough steel and holds a good edge but I found it a very poor choice for hunting....for field dressing OK... but for skinning not a good choice unless you are trying to perforate the hide.
The SRK is the same knife but with a very utilitarian blade design. Cold Steel's CarbonV blade steel seems to be good stuff. Go with the SRK. I wish I had.
Why Hello Cousin!
I have both and the Recon Tanto is more tactically driven than the SRK. That is to say, the RT is more suited to tactical type duty where-as the SRK has more utility potential.
When I need a knife to do work, I reach for the SRK, when I'm feeling in a self defensive frame of mind, I grab the Recon Tanto.
The SRK fills the self defense roll rather admirably too, which in my mind gives it one up over the Recon tanto IMO.

Get both. You can't go wrong that way, they are both so reasonably priced it's almost unreal.
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I examined both at a gun show, and liked the SRK much better...damn! I should have bought it...the SRK was only $45 brand spanking-new.
I plan to get one for my fixed blade. I also imagine that the SRK would also be an excellent combat-type knife. After all, most knife-related violence is committed with knives far less sturdy or tactical than the SRK's clip blade.
I guess I use my knives mostly for utilitarian stuff and occasionally for some hiking. I remeber my old SRK being a hell of a chopper for its relatively small size, but I thought that the edge was a bit too thick in my opinion and I had to remove quite a lot of metal with a coarse Diamond hone.
The Recon Tanto is ground a bit higher up towards the blade spine, and it has about the same blade width as the SRK and it should be somewhat thinner at the edge. And the extra inch in blade length should give the Recon Tanto a little advantage when it comes to chopping. Any further input???

Tea drinker and hellraiser from Northern Sweden, above the arctic circle.

A lot of peopel like the Recom Tanto better for fighting, but I rather like the SRK myself, despite the 1in loss. It's s prefrerance thing though.
All I'll say is both are good knives, I prefer the SRK, but it's your call.