Stain resistance: VG-10 vs S30V?


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Mar 26, 2004
I'm thinking of replacing my Spyderco Pacific Salt. Don't get me wrong, it's a great knife, but it's just not quite what I want.

In addition to a main folder (plain edged), I carry a fully serrated secondary blade, IWB. Originally it was a Spyderco Rescue 93mm, but being carried IWB, it was prone to tiny rust spots and discoloration. So I changed to a Pacific Salt. No rust of course, but it's still not the knife I want. The H1 steel is just a bit too soft for my liking. It holds an edge well enough under normal cutting, and sharpens very easily, but it seems prone to dinging and chipping when cutting things like cardboard or plastic zip ties. Plus, I'd prefer a flat grind over a hollow grind.

So I'm looking at something tougher and flat ground. Specifically a Military, Paramilitary, or the new Manix. The Endura would be on the list, except for the VG-10's stain resistance (rather the lack thereof). Any other large, thin, fully serrated knives I'm not thinking of? Clip configuration, lock, and opening method are all OK for consideration.

I only have one knife in S30V, that being a Microtech Scarab (satin finish). I've never seen any oxidation of any kind on it. But that's just one knife. How well would S30V hold up in my situation (IWB, sweating cyclist)? Of course, the Military and Paramilitary are both available with black-coating, but I'm not sure I want that.


EDIT: I see now the Manix isn't available in full serration, so I guess that one's out.
Was your Rescue VG-10, or ATS-55?
VG-10 is very stain resistant, in my experience. I carry my Calypso Jr. ltwt. whenever in swim trunks, while jogging, walking, working out, anytime I don't want a large folder getting in the way, or to worry about losing an expensive knife. While at the beach this summer, over the course of the five days, it probably spent ~8 hours actually in saltwater, and another 12 or so in my trunks on the beach. I rinsed it off every evening in tap water.
The backspring got a little rust under the handle scales that was barely visible. The blade never showed any at all.

S30V should be fine for IWB and sweat, as long as it has a satin or stonewash finish-no bead blast, and you rinse it off daily.
I've had a roughly finished prototype fixed blade show a little rust after being carried IWB all day in 95 degree heat doing yard work. Blade was covered in sweat all day, and intentionally left in the sheath overnight to see if it rusted. Just had a few spots that wiped off. I don't buy knives to pamper, and tend to neglect them sometimes, but aside from that one instance, none of my S30V blades have shown any sign of corrosion, and I've used about 8 or 9, one of them in the kitchen quite a bit.