Stainless Damascus

Feb 4, 1999
What is the word on stainless Damascus? Specifically I want to have a small fighter (4.5 in) done for me by Stamascus Knifeworks. I had them make something from my design about a year ago and they executed it perfectly.Fit and finish were impeccable. Damn if it wasn't to pretty to use so though it came RAZOR sharp it went into the display case. So I don't know how well it would have held up. This new knife will be a carry and though its primary mission is self defense there is no way if I have it that it wont be used for chopping at grape vine and the occasional digging of holes. If its on me it doubles as utility. I wont be wacking open ammo cans, punching through car doors or doing chin ups. Any real draw backs to this steel if it is used for a knife that will be used as a knife. 5/32 steel..light chopping and cutting.