started to buy a CUDA, but didn't


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Dec 25, 1998
I started to buy a CUDA today but every one the store had in stock (they had 7) failed the lock test miserably. I was extremely disappointed to say the least. I didn't come away empty handed though. I bought a Benchmade 3500S. I thought it would be a nice auto to wear with a suit. And for $89.00 I thought it was a good buy too.

What Lock tests did you do?

I have beat up 2 CUDA's mercilessly without any lock failures of any kind!

I have repeatedly beat the blade spines on
hard surfaces (wood and metal file cabinets), thrusted into fenceposts, and tried to dislodge by twisting the blade.
I even threw a CUDA repeatly into a tree and couldnt pop the lock.

No Problems.

In my experience the CUDA has been one tough mutha.

I am very curious to know what tests you did
in a cutlery store that could defeat the locking liner.

Yes, I know, stranger things have happened, and every run of knives are individuals, but I am curious as hell!


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Sometimes giving a linerlock a couple whacks help seat the liner against the right part of the blade's tang. If it fails, try again and see if it still fails. Then possibly try a third time.
In every case the liner lock barely and I mean barely touched the tang. I tapped the back of the blade against the counter and the lock failed. On every one of them. I even checked some of them multiple times and the locks failed almost every time.
Maybe a bad batch or something. None I have tested have failed.

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It could have been a bad batch. The store owner said they have had those since the CUDAs first came out. He said he just cant seem to get rid of them. I will try to go somewhere else and look at some more.
Shootist 16 I too had trepadations about my purchase of a CUDA. Even checked some out in a gun shop I frequent. One of the them was pretty loose in blade play side to side and the other slightly so. Mine locks up like a bank vault. The only concern I have now is that the edge just doesn't quite get as sharp
as I would like it to. Not nearly as sharp as my Spyderco C16. The line lock on mine is very tight. I even banged it really hard this p.m. at work after I read you observation. Mine didn't budge an iota. Very robust. It doesn't carry as well in the pocket as Ithought it might but is adequate I guess. I am thinking of having some one mill in a flat top thumb stud opening device in the top of the blade just above the logo. Just to have as a backup to opening. I also had to dehorn mine. Seemed to be alot of sharp edges on it. Now it is pretty tolerable though. keep'em sharp.
I am shocked by your observations! Was the lock fully engaged against the blade?
For one knife to get out of the factory with insufficient lock engagement is a possibility, but 7 in the same place is inconceivable as it is more than our total returns for this defect! Could you please give me the phone # of the store so I can contact them. Our lock testing of the CUDA had them failing at approx. 375 in/lbs of torque with the failure being the lock tab fully engaging to the opposite side of the tang & buckling. Severe impact tests were also performed with similar results.

I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention. If I am able to get these knives back I will advise you of my findings & devise a way of showing my appreciation to you.

Thanks again,

Phil Gibbs
Camillus Cutlery Co.