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Oct 2, 1998
Ok, a few things:

1. Due in part to a math error and in part to some customers changing their minds, we now have 15 Plain Edge DragonFly's left.

We still have quite a few of the Serrated DragonFly's and LadyBugs, but that's it for the plainedge DragonFly's.

2. Because of the order form's setup, it's not possible for us to automatically confirm your order. If you have not received anything from me saying that something was wrong with your order, it probably went through.

I'll be going through and manually confirming every order this evening to make sure that you guys if it's been received.

3. We cannot take AMEX, no if and's or but's about it. Sorry, maybe later.

4. If you are mailing your order in, make sure that you include at least $5 for shipping, more if you want it next day air, or have an international order. Make sure the payment is in a money order, no personal checks will be allowed.

5. Delivery status: We are preselling these knives so that we know exactly how many to order. We will be ordering the knives in two weeks, and they will be delivered to us in roughly a weeks time. When they arrive, they will go out either that day, or the day after. I will be pre- configuring as much of the orders as possible so that lag time is as minimal as possible.

Thank you all for the amount of support that we have received thus far. We hope that you are enjoying this rather unique opportunity, and we hope that we will be able to provide you with another one like this very soon. Several sources have contacted us about this sort of deal since we have started this current offer, so don't be suprised if you see a sale like this one again in the near future.

So, with 2 weeks before order, what is the drop dead date on getting an order in? Sometime this week - Friday the 16th?
You have until the 21'st to get your order in, so there is still plenty of time.


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