Stealth - Cheyenne Review and pics of the inside!

Oct 2, 1998
I am sure the title has you wondering what's up with Mike naming the Cheyenne a Stealth.
Well to make a long story short, remeber the electric shaver commercial where the guy like the shaver so much he bought the company?

Well I did not buy out the James Brothers but I did buy the exclusive rights to distribute every knife they ever make. And they will probably make the Stealth line from here on out. Cool huh?

Anyway the Cheyenne is just way to cool. Got my hands on one this morning. Jim, at James brothers, sent me one next day air and folks this just aint another auto. This thing is really cool.

The Cheyenne Automatic has an integral axle system that removes the need for any through pin or pinch bolt, thus making the blade virtually free of side play or the need for adjustment. I mean this thing is tight, the one I have here has NO PLAY!

The unique Lock/Unlock system catches the blade on its outward movement, reducing recoil, allowing firm lock-up, and superior
knife control. The basic mechanism is similar to the proven ones on the market now but the quality on this one is dead on. The tolerences are only comparable to Microtech.

The cool part is not only the fact it has and needs no pivot pin. But the blade actually rides on precision ball bearings at each side of the blade and they create zero friction so therefor zero wear. And the action is oh so smooooooooooooth.

The body is made from hard anodized 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. Great stuff and easy to work with and you guys love it anyway.

Now the other cool part is the USER removeable/replaceable scales. Currently they are made from exotic hardwoods, micarta (the one in the picture is white linen micarta) and many other different materials. We will have a limited supply of different handles so look for your dealers to have slim supplies.

The 3 1/2" blade is ATS-34, hardened to a Rockwell "C" scale of 59-61. Just right in my book. Machined (not ground) to precise tolerances and honed to a razors edge. The blade even has a machined blood groove which adds a really nice touch. Also the back spine has thumb grooves for a better grip.

Precision engineered and hand assembled, the Cheyenne auto is without a doubt the finest auto of its kind and the price is right. The knife measures approximately 8" when open and approximtely 4 3/4" when closed.
As with ALL Stealth knives each Cheyenne comes with full manufactures lifetime warrantee.

Also the clip is cool (see pic).

We should begin shipping them very soon to your favorite dealers. Dealers interested should email me for prices. Sorry World Of Weapons does not sell to the public so you will need to go through dealers. As dealers sign up with us I will refer customers to you when they contact us. Look for a review in the mags comming soon and ads will start soon after the new year.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber

PS Thanks to ABC-Direct for the use of their digital camera and images.

Pic of knife
Pic of clip
Pic of inside the knife!
Close up pic of ball bearing mechanism and the button and blade back stop.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
Hi Mike,

I receive a "500 - Server Error" message when I try following the image links in your review.


Weird they are all working for me. Of course I am on the server so I will try from home tonight. Anyone elase haveing the same problem or not.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
Thanks Mike, (as always). The Links seem to be working ok for me.
Two things: same server too busy msg. for me,
the price is right? How much? (retail, of course)

Well it should be better very soon. I just pinged the server and we are now at 125ms which is pretty good. So the images should work now.


Should be around $299 at most dealers. The limited number specials may be a bit more.
Well it seems to be working. I took this picture tonight so it was a bit darker so the pic did not come out as good. I put serrations on the blade. I really love it now! Spark has one with wood handels and he is going to scan it for another pic.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber

Pic with serrations

OK 10 to 1 odds you guys are going to ask me how I did the serrations huh?

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You are smarter than the average bear

Best regards,
Mike Turber

I've all but given up trying to see your new knife... the server flat out doesn't want me to look at anything that might have any possibility of becoming my first auto

500 server error! Jee, I really am interested in this knife and I cant see it! Is there a different url perhaps that we can see it at? Thanks in advance...
I just uploaded the pictures to, you can view them by clicking on the following links:

<a href="">Cheyenne, open</a>

<a href="">Cheyenne, clip</a>

<a href="">Cheyenne, internal view</a>

<a href="">Cheyenne, internal view 2</a>

<a href="">Serrated Cheyenne</a>


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Mike, I read about that in my knife making book. It looks like you did a nice job on the knife as well as the wheel design!
Bill, No the STEALTH 1000 may be a done deal.
James brothers most likely will make the STEALTH Black Angel which is my next design if Blackie does not come through. I will most likely rename the CAT the Black Angel. Donna still get the first one after number #1. So Iguess that means number 2 huh?

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
There are more pics. and info at
You can also see them at
And I agree, the James Brothers have got themselves a winner here.
Thanks Jim!

For the record Jim is the first OFFICIAL Dealer of the new STEALTH Cheyenne! So Check out his site!

Here is the 3D image that Jim@James Brothers just sent me on the CAD Drawing of how the knife is put together!


Cool HUH!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber