Steel Mission knives?

Does anyone have any experience with the new steel knives from Mission knives and Tools?
I am especially interested in the steel MPU. I know that the first run of MPUs is made of 440C, but future runs of the MPU will be made of A2.
Nov 16, 1998
I haven't heard of Mission using 440-C?

Do you know if they are using it on the MPF?

This knife is great as far as the handle, but the ti blade, yeack!

BG-42, CPM-440V, ATS-55, AUS-8, or even ATS-34 would be even better yet on this or another Mission knife!


Blonde, why don't you visit Missions Web site. Its a real informative web that will answer most questions about each knife and future plans. Rick and John, are also real good about answering E-mail. So go for it
The first run of MPUs was indeed in 440C. Future steel knives (MPK, MPF)will be made from A2 uncoated or coated with a grey Ti AL Ni.
I held a steel MPK at the shot show, and it feels very nice in the hand, it seems to be begging for something to chop.

The SEALs that stopped by the booth at the same time said that they liked the MPU and said it would make a perfect dive knife/probe, especially the blunt tipped version. It's the right size to put inside your sleeve, strap to your arm/wrist/ankle and the upcoming EdgeWorks sheath offers even more options.

Rick from Mission promised us that we would get a sample or two of the new Steel line of Mission knives for testing and/or giveaway purposes, so we'll be able to eventually give you an in depth report of how they hold up.


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I did visit their web site, and judging from the specs I read there, the MPU will be a knife I gotta have. I was looking for some info from someone who actually used it or just handled it, so I will be looking forward to future testing of this model. Thanks for the replies.